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Movie Reviews: Detention + Albatross + Highlander Endgame

Detention (2008)
Remember when TPTB tried to make Penelope Ann Miller A List? Alison Brie is also in this. A teacher (Miller) sees a crime and drug dealers do not like that kind of attention. A nasty melee ensures. Various people are accused of misappropriation. There are grievances and whispering and this was not effective.

Best Lines:
“Valium to heroin.”

“Does that look like nothing happened?”

Albatross (2011)
The future Jyn Erso is in this. Parents fight and run a nasty guest house and a maniac pixie dream girl shows up. This was boring and full of jerks.

Best Lines:
“They kind of come with the sea.”

“Mum says that’s what dossers say.”

"Ghastly girl."

"Chick-lit bucket at ASDA."

“I am a vegetarian!”
“That isn’t something to boast about.”

Highlander: Endgame (2000)
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