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Retro Review: Veronica Mars Season 1 Eps 6&7

Return of the Kane

Duncan is railroaded into running for student council president by his father. Logan runs bum fights and when the media expose him; his movie star father (Harry Hamlin of ‘Disappearance’) beats the hell out of him. Logan shows vulnerability as he’s obviously scared of his father. It seems Aaron’s deficient parenting is a long ongoing thing, while his wife Lynn (Lisa Rinna of ‘Days of Our Lives’ and ‘Melrose Place’) just stands idly by sucking on a mai tai.

It is hinted that Weevil hooked up with Lilly. As the student council race goes on, Veronica at first supports have-not student Wanda. But then she learns that Wanda isn’t the spunky rebel she pretends to be.

Duncan becomes student council president despite Veronica’s sneers that his dominant personality trait is that: “You stand idly by.” Veronica uncovers a discrepancy with the evidence that Abel Koontz killed Lilly Kane. Somehow nobody has noticed this discrepancy in the intervening year. This was an okay ep, the ongoing Lilly Kane mystery was the best thing about this show. Once the Lilly mystery was solved, this show was much the weaker.

Best Lines:
You don’t see me poking around your trailer park do you?”

“You’re not allowed to breathe my air.”

“Why are you here?”
“Don’t you watch any horror movies?”

“You think I’d quit being surprised at finding a knife in my back.”

The Girl Next Door

Veronica obsesses over a missing neighbour and her interference leads to gunplay. Meanwhile Logan and Weevil bond over detention, harassing a teacher and much bromance is had. Luckily Logan doesn’t yet know that Weevil dated Lilly on the sly.

Veronica learns that her mother who graduated in the class of 1979 dated Jake Kane. Hints that Jake could be Veronica’s father are dropped. Keith shows that he really isn’t that good of an investigator. Neither he nor Veronica copped onto the obvious story with the twisted stepfather.

This was good mostly due to the Logan/Weevil comedy double act. But why has Logan’s locker has changed since the pilot ep?

Best Lines:
“I wonder if you’ll find Mr Echolls so amusing ten years from now, when you’re pumping his gas.”

“Is this detention or hell?”

“You’re almost as bad an actor as your father.”
“You know that you don’t need a diploma to steal hubcaps.”

“The boy does have a gift for evasiveness.”

“Get these dark fantasies out of your head.”
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