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Requiem (2018) 1x01 Reviewed

This dreadful new BBC1 drama sees long buried secrets emerge. An old dude smashes mirrors and jumps off a roof. This has okay opening credits. A woman who seems to be wearing a cheap Elsa wig plays cello. Wiggy is named Matilda and I can’t get over her wig and how ineptness is the utter undoing of this mess.

Have TPTB never watched a James Wan movie? This bores instead of being scary. Matilda wears an ugly silver dress and then her mother does herself in. Cue screaming and overacting. A moral reckoning is coming or something. This has no perceptible value. Interest is not dramatically palpable.

What does all this have to do with a little girl named Carys who vanished in 1994? Matilda and some guy go on a roadtrip. There is nice scenery and no moral stance. Matilda is sure she is Carys. Locals are unfriendly. There is a mysterious house and nothing clarifies the mystery. People act evasively and this was rendered even less palatable and unworkable.

Best Lines:
“Direct male line.”

“Whatever’s in those woods, has been there a lot longer than Mr Dean.”
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