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Movie Reviews: Better Watch Out + Prom Night

Better Watch Out (2016)
Filmed under the title ‘Safe Neighbourhood’ this Australian horror is pretending to be American. 2 horrible teenage boys plot and have prurience and macho explosiveness. Increasingly menacing tones are used. Virginia Madsen has a cameo as a useless mother. She and her husband have no respect and calmness in their interplay.

A babysitter has affability. The mother is overly critical. The babysitter is minding Luke who is 12. Luke and the babysitter face a home invasion. Or do they? The trailer gave too much away.

The babysitter faces those who have disciplined dedication to misbehaving. The baddie deserves a reprimand and confrontation never ends. The baddie has no moral compass and the babysitter is angrily resistant to the baddie who has vindictive satisfaction and unconcern. The baddie shrugs off moral judgement and tantrums. This was okay as the baddie is ominously sure of himself and has behavioural deviation. The baddie ominously lingers and can be violently threatening in their entitlement.

Best Lines:
“I was unconvinced.”

“Don’t you have a curfew?”

“The foetus machine.”

“So what are your family’s plans for the holiday?”
“Drinking and arguing.”

“Why do you hang out with this guy?”

“Have a seat.”

Prom Night (1980)
This kicked off the franchise and the remake. Leslie Nielsen and Jamie Lee Curtis star in this tale of a killer stalking teenagers responsible for the accidental death of a little girl years ago. This has bad acting, muffled dialogue and funny phone calls.

This is so much more awful than expected. People speak in flat affectless tones. People wander around Hamilton High and nobody has the honesty gene. An escaped lunatic lurks and no man has calm efficiency. This is not a signature achievement in film. This is a constant source of embarrassment. There are psychosexual and nonsensical goings on. Watching this does not give you enormous satisfaction. This was all futility.

Best Lines:
“Missed you on the bus today.”
“Didn’t ride it.”
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