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The Man From U.N.C.L.E 4x09 Reviewed

The Fiery Angel Affair
Illya is militantly inscrutable and full of rampant mysteriousness. An Eva Peron knockoff is in peril. This doesn’t go anywhere original. Illya is overly cynical. People coated in fake bake rant. There is no moral ambiguity and this was not darkly funny, disconcerting, brilliant, troubling, thoughtful, provocative, wise, gripping, terrifying, wonderful, frightening, adorable, compelling or wonderfully creepy. Solo does unaffectionate mocking.

People talk about The Secret Three, baddies who sound like Enid Blyton baddies. Even Illya is caked in fake bake. There is sexism. This was wholly unsatisfactory and universally unloved. Illya and Solo seem to have had their personalities surgically removed. They have brusque manners and negatively impact people. This creates no powerful excitement.

Best Lines:
“A courthouse.”
“Oh, every capital city should have one.”

“Made rather a display of myself.”

“A dancing girl from the streets.”

“Voice of crass reality.”

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