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Reaper Season 2 Ep 9 Review

No Reaper Left Behind

Daddy insists on Sam getting some tutoring in the ways of the wicked that will help him: “Seize control of the planet and hasten the apocalypse.” Sam goes into a massive sulk when he learns the useless Alan is back in hell. So he doesn’t get the pony daddy was about to give him. Instead he gets sent on yet another reap set up that sees him battered and humiliated. He never learns does he? Part of the ongoing problem with season two is that Sam is just so unsympathetic and uninteresting now. Instead of focusing on his dark side, TPTB just have him whine and obsess over Andi. It’s called character growth. TPTB should really look into it.

The lack of character growth doesn’t just apply to Sam, we also get Ben and Sock being callous idiots and a tsunami of Ben/Nina idiocy drowns this ep. Why am I supposed to care about Ben’s relationship with Nina and her bad hair? The vastly more interesting plot about Sam sending Mr Oliver to hell so Mr Oliver can find Alan is squeezed into about two minutes of air time. Where did Sam get the vessel to send Mr Oliver to hell with? Why did Sam send his fake daddy to hell without so much as a flinch? Where is Sam’s mother and never mentioned brother? What was the point of Alan?

TPTB took the intriguing season 1 and crafted this uninvolving season 2. TPTB should teach a course entitled ‘How not to make tv’. This ep was a waste of my time.

Best Lines:
He’s packing a lot of evil.”

“He came at me with an edge trimmer.”
“You had it coming.”
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