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Movie Reviews: Broken Promise + Earthbound + The Terry Fox Story + 4 others

Broken Promise (1981)
In this wearingly generic TV movie, the Clawson family children are ditched at a gas station by their ghastly parents. They’re split up and beat up. Confrontational Patty wants to reunite her family. Chris Sarandon is in this unoriginal bore which tries for moral arcs, emotion and sober reflection. Sadly it is just laboured and dull.

Earthbound (1981)
A family of aliens who look like humans crash on Earth. This failed pilot sees the aliens meet a grandfather and his son and dodge
government agents. This was made by the same people who made ‘Hanger 18’. The aliens are left stranded on Earth and have a pet that looks like a monkey painted green. There is talk about a space window, their ship is stuck in a lake, the aliens have psychic powers and no wonder this sat on the shelf since 1979. There are non-strident conflicts and a dumb bully plot. This was not delirious silliness.

The Terry Fox Story (1983)
True story about a cancer sufferer who ran across Canada to raise money. Okay and Robert Duvall is in this.

Dream Lover (1994)
James Spader marries Madchen Amick and regrets it. This is neither smart nor diabolical and tries for a demented final twist.

Lockout (2012)
Not deeply harrowing and nobody has moral strength.

Clownhouse (1989)
Drab horror infamous for behind the scenes horror and abuse.

Chopping Mall (1986)
Terrible, tacky and cheap Barbra Crampton movie, stop her before she acts again.

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