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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Dundee’ teaser trailer
Danny McBride. Ha. The knife. Ha!

‘Dundee’ official trailer 2
Chris Hemsworth. The son of a legend returns home. Ha ha ha.

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ clip
Ah Lorca, you are a man of many secrets. How is it that the mirror universe uniforms are less tacky looking then the ‘real’ universe uniforms? Lorca has no contrition. The boundaries between fantasy and realism are transcended. Lorca shrugs off his armour of secrecy and Burnham has a strange look of interest while the mirror universe empress has intensity, pose and control. Violence is a worryingly prevalent attitude.

Best Lines:
“He’s suffering.”
“Let him.”

“Cross time and space itself to take what was rightfully his.”

“Don’t die on me you depraved bastard.”

“I need you to live.”

“None of this was an accident.”

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ clip
Burnham with a bad haircut, Sarek with naff eyebrows and a 70s collar and Michelle Yeoh trying for dignity. Mmmmm. No graciousness. This is meant to be a world both like and unlike ours where people survive by wit, cooperation and sacrifice and dream into existence new ways for people to live. TPTB try to be crafters of fierce focused fertile dreams. Burnham can’t speak responsibly.

‘Nowhere Boys’ promo

‘Meerkat Manor: The Next Generation’ opening credits
Alas poor Mozart.

‘Whoops Apocalypse’ (1986) promo

Milk chocolate Florentines - okay.
Tangy apple juice - okay.

I won’t read ‘Faking Friends’ or ‘Woman In The Window’.

I will review ‘The Fandom’ and ‘How To Hang A Witch’ and ‘The Enterprise Of Death’.

I’d try 34 day aged Black Angus beef fillet and a McNutella.

Who saw the 2004 ‘Earthsea’?

What was ‘Ben Casey’?

Anyone see ‘Hamburger: The Motion Picture’ (1986) or ‘Big Man On Campus’ (1989) or ‘Bunny O’Hare’ (1972)? Anyone see ’Vera Drake’ (2004) or ‘Cherry 2000’ or ‘Crawlspace’ (1986) or ‘Laserblast’ or ‘Dark Angel’ or ‘Crack House‘ (1989) or ‘The Chocolate War‘ (1988) or ‘About Schmidt‘ (2002) or ‘Cellar Dweller‘ (1988) or ‘The Video Dead‘ or ’Elephant’ (2003) or ‘Meet The Hollowheads‘ or ‘The Midnight Meat Train‘ (2008)?

The new ‘Cloverfield’ film is to go to Netflix? Boo!

There is vegan haggis?

Recall patterned brown carpets?

What is do-nothing farming?

Mala fides.

Who read ‘White Teeth’ or ‘Russian Language and People’?

Chocolate covered lichen is a thing? As is stilton ice-cream and bacon and egg ice-cream and marmalade on toast ice-cream?

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Vaguely insolent.”

“The assumption of first name terms.”


“Find safety without judgement,”

“Nutella riots.”

“An inflammatory effect.”


“External validation.”

“The misguided rulers of a damaged society speak very slowly while gazing through windows set in off-the-peg brutalist architecture.”

“Do not deserve to walk outside of a prison ever again.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Health conscious.”

“Watched the beautiful rewards go to the so called realists.”

“So self-contentedly, exclusively male,”

“You got away with princes and wizards in the 1960s and 70s.”

“Their achievements and influence acknowledged by the literary establishment, albeit belatedly.”

“Refused help.”

“The inevitable historic tweets surfaced.”

“Deep intersectional thinking.”

“Sitting next to the word “BROKE” spelled out in piles of $100 bills,”

“Unsustainable paroxysm of hyperinflation.”



“Bad people being bad.”


“Passive pursuit.”

“Destination: Someone Else’s Problem.”

“Struck in time.”

“Strong engagement.”

“Rarely allows himself to be seen or heard in public.”

“Linguistic awkwardness.”

“I’ve got the Twitter.”

“She took to be menacing.”

“An enigmatic cult figure with a fearsome reputation.”

“Recruit from the streets.”

“They all smoke dope and imagine women with no clothes on.”

“People still cross the road from me; I’ve still got that. I can clear a pub when I want to.”

“Biological understanding.”

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“I didn’t feel threatened to say no.”


‘Derry Girls’ Quotes:
“I do not know this person.”
“Ah, maybe just as well.”

“Big Russian ride.”

‘Meerkat Manor’ Quote:
“Alarm bark.”

‘Neighbours’ Quotes:
“My dodgy father.”

“Ah, bum.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“This is the only college acceptance letter I’ll ever hold.”

“You poor bastard.”

“Time for an unpleasant confrontation.”

‘Highlander: The Raven’ Quotes:
“Gorgeous, angry, Amanda likes him. Just my type.”

“She robs poor boxes!”

“He wants you dead.”
“A lot of people do.”

‘Wild Things’ Quote:
“Where’d she get those shoes? Whores-4-less?”

‘RTE News’ Quote:
“Heat rule.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“This war isn’t working.”


“Poor world-building.”

“Social condemnation.”

“Who does not want their work authenticated.”

“Casual social cruelty.”

The Fandom’ Quotes:
“The hottest guy ever to exist in a dystopian future.”

“”It’s one of the unwritten rules of all dystopian novels - love interests must have stupid names.”

“Everything starts with a capital letter, even it’s just a normal word, just to make it sound scary.”

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