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Kings Ep 4 Review

First Night
Silas walks out on an event organised by Queen Rose to tend to his sick illegitimate son. Silas decides the price that God demands for his doting son’s recovery is giving up his cosy visits to his understanding and loving mistress. Rose proves to made of iron as it is revealed she planned every detail of the monarchy and the cultural events around them. She and her husband have similar wills of iron and work ethics, something neither of their two children have inherited. Are Rose and Silas sure Jack and Michelle weren’t switched at birth? Does Rose know about Silas’ other family? It’s not really clear.

Crown Prince Jack plots against the stupid David. Then he whines and pouts, treats his lover like dirt and screams at various hangers on. No wonder he’s the least favourite of Silas’ kids. Princess Michelle flutters around old friend Paul (Michael Stahl-David of ‘Cloverfield’) and makes dejected faces.

This was an okay ep. ‘Kings’ is an intriguing show, shame TPTB cancelled it.

Best Lines:
“His star seems to be shining bright.”
“Yes well, someone should see to that and maybe consider tending his own.”

“I can’t believe we’re really there.”
“Technically we’re not there, we’re outside.”

“Let angels dance in Shiloh.”

“We played when he was three and he used to eat my crayons.”

“You’d best have a better course of action than hope.”
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