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Movie Reviews: Sicario + A Royal Night Out + Minions

Sicario (2015)
Emily Blunt and Josh Brolin star in this tale of a moral protagonist and moral disintegration. Victor Garber is in this. This begins with bodies in walls and a bomb. Kate (Blunt) is promoted from the kidnap response team to an inter-agency taskforce. Their shared intention is to take down a cartel boss. Cue affray. Interest is non-imminent. The task they face is daunting and it drastically alters her mental state and behaviour.

There is apocalyptic imagery, dispassion, immutable fury and glum silence. The foul realm causes totally unacceptable behaviour. Kate has a defiant tone as fateful decisions are made. Brolin is bitter and mocking. Do they alleviate anything? Or is it all score-settling. There are no soulful types. Kate nearly gets murdered. Alejandro has a tragic backstory and gets revenge. This was bleak and dull.

Best Lines:
“I don’t know who that is.”
“No one does.”

“Deserve such a death.”

“Are you understanding me?”

“I didn’t ask you.”
“Yet I answered.”

“Prosecutable case.”

“What’s our directive?”
“To dramatically over-react.”

A Royal Night Out (2015)
It is VE Day and people celebrate. The royal family are so posh as to be unintelligible. Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret want to go out and celebrate with the common people. They give verbal evisceration of their privilege. This is all awfulness and is extremely poor. Rupert Everett plays George VI. Margaret is mistaken for a ho. This has no rigor or intelligence. It is clumsily orchestrated and preposterously plotted. It is not sparse and unfussy as Elizabeth bothers an RAF member and boasts how she was in mechanical transport training. Elizabeth is a snot and has no conviviality. This has a want of logic and the bad acting doesn’t help the dignity of proceedings.

Best Lines:
“Princess number 2.”

“My sister has gone to Chelsea with a carload of tarts.”

“We’re all German you know.”

“Disloyal and abusive to your sovereign.”

“You be quiet, I’ve been driving since I was 11. One of the advantages of owning half of Scotland.”

“Killing people in Berlin.”

“Plummy voices.”

“What’s a knocking shop?”

Minions (2015)
Sandra Bullock, Jon Hamm, Michael Keaton and Jennifer Saunders provide the voices for this animated movie. The yellow creatures potter about and serve Scarlet Overkill and get into a car that has a Love2RobPeople licence plate. There is no domestic naturalism as the yellow things look for a godforsaken boss. The problem is they are morons. They’re also aspirational thugs in this okay debate on the use and maintaince of power. There is incoherent babbling.

Best Lines:
“We’ll find you.”

“He ate his last henchman.”

“To serve the most despicable master they can find.”
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