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Psychoville Ep 6 Review

This twisted and warped sitcom is almost over. Robert continues his boring obsession with the vacuous Debbie. Robert then learns that he doesn’t have any powers; it’s been his friend Kerry all along. She’s obsessed with him and wants Debbie gone so Robert can be all hers. Michael (Mr Lomax’s home help) is crafty and double crosses the Witches Of Ebay. Joy goes berserk and kills her husband’s mistress to bring Freddy to life. Mr Jolly is murdered. David’s mother gets hers and as the end credits roll most of the cast are either at Ravenhill Hospital or are en route.

This okay and I’m interested to see how TPTB can wrap all this up and tie all the bizarre plots together. This show can be creepy and freaky, the only truly laugh out loud moment provided by this show was the gag of the AA man trying to fix the clown car in ep 5.

Best Line: “This is actually quite frightening now.”
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