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Hard Sun 1x02 + Death On The Nile Reviewed

Hard Sun 1x02
The BBC1 drama goes on. Charlie screams and the government woman tries to be insistent and menacing. This was insufficiently serious. There is no emotive oratory. 4 weeks pass and the Hard Sun media leak is dismissed as the greatest hoax since the Hitler Diaries. How was it dismissed as a hoax?

Charlie’s wife leaves him and he is incapable of telling the truth. Charlie cheats. There many ominous shots of the sky, I haven’t seen this many ominous sky shots since ‘Night Of The Comet. There is a gratuitous naked dead woman. All women in this are unreasonable and or castrating. There is sexual violence and physical violence. A man reacts to Hard Sun by cracking up. Renko’s violent murderous son annoys. This was faltering.

People have less forgiving responses to news of the extinction level event fated to happen, nobody has moral reasoning, there are hard stares and no immediacy. Charlie has righteous anger and no moral calibre. This inspires no reverence and passion and is not wholly persuasive. There are moral panics about moral panics. Renko gets beat up AGAIN. People have walls of crazy. Yawn.

Best Lines:
“She’s pregnant.”
“Not for long.”

“Humanity’s days on Earth are numbered.”

“Male status role.”

“Where are we going?”
“Nowhere nice.”

Agatha Christie’s Poirot: Death On The Nile (2004)
This adaptation of the classic novel is all inadequacy. The heiress Linnet has an annoying accent and nobody can pronounce her name right. People are bizarrely over-acty. Linnet steals the fiancée of her BFF Jackie and marries him. Jackie stalks them on their honeymoon and gets away it.

Linnet insists on her moral rightness and has a fractious demeanour. Poirot shows the spoilt brat his full arsenal of indignation. This was bad, boring and ultimately unsatisfying. Jackie is intrusive. Simon is bland. Why are 2 women fighting over him? Someone has ill-intent toward Linnet but sadly for her, she can’t see who.

Jackie and her flapper hairdo waves a gun. Nobody asks how poor Jackie can stalk the heiress Linnet? As for Linnet, she has no remorse. Poirot does moral lecturing. Linnet has no vulnerability or compassion. This is nowhere near as good as the Peter Ustinov movie. The cast are bland no names, the biggest name is David Soul. Linnet’s unfortunate maid has to wear her silly maid getup in the Egyptian heat. There are big hats, over-gelled hair and people wearing fur in Egypt. This is a yawner.

Best Lines:
“She’s ugly.”

“Don’t push me into the sea.”

“Love is not everything.”

“The black hole of Calcutta.”

“I can be rather stupid.”

“Everybody hates me!”

“What were they actually for?”

“Bismarck moustache.”

“Rather glum looking gentleman.”

“Follow one’s star.”

“I want to hurt her.”

“Decent girls just don’t do that sort of thing.”

“What is the point of someone like that?”
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