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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Victor Crowley’ (2018) trailer
Why a reboot? Annoying types look for the serial killer. A plane crash strands a camera crew in the bayou. This looks funny even if the set up is contrived.

‘Krypton’ trailer
A time traveller and Superman’s cape. Mmmm.

Best Line:
“Your grandson becomes the greatest hero of the universe.”

‘Vikings’ promo
“We are the wrath of god.”

‘Kiri’ 1x02 promo

‘Before We Die’ promo

‘Hard Sun’ 1x03 promo

Gluten & wheat free cranberry & orange topped Christmas pudding with cocervoisier VS Cognac - okay.
Chevre - okay.
Praline pizzazz - blah.
Whiskey truffle - okay.
Zesty chocolate orange - okay.
Death by chocolate - okay.

DVD sales falling?

I won’t review ‘The House’.

I will review ‘American Assassin’.

Goats love nettles?

Read a horrible ‘Designated Survivor’ casting spoiler.

‘Derry Girls’ has been renewed. How?

Who saw ‘The Horse Whisperer’ or ‘Swimming Pool’ or ‘Ridicule’ or ‘Rush’ (1991) or ‘Past Tense’ or ‘Dazed and Confused’ (1993) or ‘Lost In Translation’ (2003) or ‘Snatch’ (2000) or ‘Donnie Brasco’ (1997)?

‘NYTimes’ Quotes:
“How can I disappoint a whole state?”

“How can I disappoint a whole country?”

“Explain herself endlessly and hope that someone is listening.”

“Exertion without expression of exertion?”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Archaeologically proven.”

“Psychological sanity.”

“Objects of romantic worship.”

“Complex, sequential, goal-orientated.”

“Discovered him eating a Beach Boys album because he’d taken so much acid and thought the third world war had started.”

“Dependency on the whim of hostile in-laws.”

“Little visual interest.”

“Dying women looking back wistfully at their lives.”

“Mummy-hectored, comic-reading dope.”

“Befuddled Masculinity.”

“Evil necessity.”

‘BBC News’ Quotes:
“Is a Youtube star. Or was.”

“Intimate, incessant and ever more devotional.”

‘Great British Railway Journeys’ Quotes:
“Simplicities of yesteryear.”

“Original planting plans.”

“In a potting shed.”

“Keep reflowering.”

“Modern disease resistance in their root stock.”

‘Hollyoaks’ Quotes:
“Yes. But. Revenge.”

“For hippies and pain junkies.”

“A liver like a pickled kipper.”

“Cold dark heart.”

“Failed as my mother.”

‘Rick Stein’s Road To Mexico’ Quotes:
“Pleasure loving era.”

“Designated area of origin.”

“Make everything the old way.”

‘Derry Girls’ Quotes:
“By Christ, he’s a boring bastard.”

“We’re actually quite poor.”
“Ah, I think we might be as well.”

“I’ll compromise you right through that window.”

“Cowboy special.”

“Don’t be shy with the salt now.”

“Even the smell of it makes me feel physically sick!”

“He has the bright idea of tying me to the radiator you see.”

“Shackled to the thermostatic valve with my new shoelaces.”

‘RTE News’ Quote:
“When ice was needed to cool her brain, 2 doctors were sent to the local pub.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“My blood’s turned to bile from watching Fox News.”

“What is the repute of this house?”

“Welcome to whatever this is.”

“Sink this town lower.”

“Beat you with one of those big thick women’s magazines.”

“Pity booze.”

“Malevolent sentience.”

‘Hugh’s Wild West’ Quote:
“Beneath the bog.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“Unmanageable expense.”

“Stared in disbelief at terrifying numbers.”

“A sympathy market.”


“There is no guarantee their message will be heard - or that it will resonate.”


“Toxin-resistant gloves.”

“Setting her army of squirrels on people.”

“Particular cultural preferences.”

“Disposed of as waste.”

“Applause lines.”

“Nobody ever accused him of being a nice guy.”

“Comedies of male crisis.”

“All these muscle-bound guys named Chris.”

“Unassailable individuality.”
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