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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

'Mosaic’ trailer
A Soderbergh murder mystery starring Sharon Stone. Who Killed Olivia Lane? There is yelling and maybe.

Best Line:
“What was it about Olivia that drew these men to her?”

‘Red Sparrow’ trailer
There are cod Russian accents and the heroine lures men so her mother can see a doctor. Sparrows are weapons in a global struggle. They do psychological manipulation. This looks okay with punching, a traitor, slutty swimwear, a uniform, screaming, Jeremy Irons and wigs.

Best Lines:
“The person you were will no longer exist.”

“A puzzle of need.”

“They will tell you anything.”

‘Insidious: The Last Key’ TV spot

‘Kiri’ 1x02 promo

Saltee - lovely.
Classic caramel - okay.
Strawberry & champagne - okay.
Gluten & wheat free oaty cheese bites - mediocre.
Pierogis - no.

Recall ‘Pacific Blue’ or ‘Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow’?

Anyone see ‘Rock-a-Doodle’ or ‘Sirens’ (1993)?

What is cured pork gel?

There’s a ‘Bananaman’ musical?

Recall when the Open University was on BBC2?

Poor Flying Foxes.

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Repeat objectors.”

“An obligation is created.”

“Speaking of Rada training and a theatre career with a side of narration.”

“Any epic historical drama that has a feeling of being pre-Christian.”

“A film where a naïve young woman falls in love with a disgusting sea monster, I thought: oh, man, not another Woody Allen movie.”


“Not always believed.”

“Dairy exclusion.”

“Identify with their opinions and views.”

“Perceived enormity of the upset.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Unpleasant images of goings-on in the gents.”

“All morals and values are subjective human constructions.”

“Let it end only when each one of us lies choking in his own blood upon the ground.”

“Elite collusion.”

“Cultural contretemps.”

“Annoying guys in suits.”

“Eroding the core foundation of how people behave.”

“Seen as a curse and burden.”

“Plant pusher.”

“Community rejection.”

“Booed in memoriam.”

“Trousers are worn tight, with legs apart.”

“Landfill-ready clichés.”

“Minimal life experience to draw on.”

“Motivated by attention-seeking.”

“Doctrinal government.”


“Mid-table respectability.”

“Surprisingly found no enthusiasm.”

“The woman died so close to the time of the Roman invasion in 43AD that she may have watched the first legionnaires march into Dorset.”

‘U.N.C.L.E V.I.P.S. Season 3’ Quote:
“Famous for playing thugs.”

‘Inside Number 9’ Quotes:
“Arse end of variety.”

“Unethuasitic to say the least.”

“My laugh.”

“They were dated in 1984!”

“Not yet but he will be.”

“People love remembering things that happened in the seventies.”

“Where’s the funny one?”

‘Room 101’ Quote:
“Awww? It’s a BIN!”

‘Volatile Bonds’ Quotes:
“A tone that implied anything but gratitude.”

“You idea of fun worries me.”

‘SG1’ Quotes:
“How is it that they fear anything?”

“He’s good.”

‘Nowhere Boys’ Quotes:
“Run stalker!”

“I think it’s some kind of evil spirit.”
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