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Wild Palms (1993) Review, Part 2

Ep 4: Hungry Ghosts

If this miniseries has a flaw, other than being extremely weird, it’s that there is no sense of time and that the melodramatic ‘acting’ can grate after a while. Anyway Paige and Tony marry. Paige wears a striking red wedding dress. Harry stews over his missing wife and daughter. He doesn’t seem that concerned that Coty is now the insane child guru for a cult of: “Dangerous techno-shamanists whose members worship its billionaire leader.” Coty and Peter have a face off and slap each other around; the bad child acting nearly causes the TV screen to melt. But let us move on.

It seems the mysterious go-chip was hidden in Harry’s hand and the Friends extract it. Tony wants the go-chip and is enraged that it’s gone and lets slip a big old secret to Harry. Tony is his father. Harry does a runner. Peter lets it be known that he is Harry and Grace’s real son. Harry stares stoically. Tony wants the go-chip. Why it was hidden in Harry’s hand in the first place is never properly explained.

The Fathers haul Harry in, he’s in deep trouble. They OD him on psychotropic drugs and he hallucinates wildly climaxing with his dead fake father Dex headbutting him in an empty swimming pool. Tony’s plans to be President, it is noted in a throwaway comment that he has support in 63 of the states. Meanwhile Tommy dies because of what the Fathers did to him and Channel 3 is forced to broadcast a recording of Grace being murdered by Josie. Harry vows vengeance, prompting Eli to sneer that he’s a: “Television executive and weekend warrior.”

This was very good, at this point in the narrative it is best to just let it all wash over you and pick the story points out afterwards.

Best Lines:
“I’m losing it”

“Don’t get crazy.”

“Tell us everything on his sick little mind.”

“Talk or daddy’s going to beat the brains out of that fat freaking head.”

Ep 5: Hello, I Must Be Going

Tony wants the go-chip. The Friends won’t give it up as it’ll turn Tony into a “holographic vampire” who’ll “be able to reach into our dreams.” How that works isn’t explained seeing as Harry walked around with it implanted into his hand and didn’t do any dream reaching. Harry has accepted Peter as his son, without so much as a Horatio Caine style head tilt, so father and son team up to rescue Deidre from the Fathers.

The Fathers continue to plot their evil. The Tabba character has faded into the background and for eps 4&5 serves about as much plot purpose as a lamp. The Fathers fake a recording of Harry killing Grace complete with movie villain style dialogue. It’s hilarious in its fakeness. Harry views the fake tape and wonders: “Who wrote that dialogue?”

Harry confronts his traitor shrink only to suffer from the side-effect of his forced overdose. Meanwhile Tully’s grief over losing Maisy and Tommy lead him into betraying Eli to the Fathers. Josie gloats as she has her minions murder Eli. David Warner barnstorms until his character’s undignified end.

Harry and Paige get together. He’s got over Grace very quickly. Tony gets the go-chip, however Peter and Harry tampered with it. Coty gets Tully to kill Josie and then himself. Paige, Harry and Peter confront Tony. Cue the over acting from everyone as Tony reveals that he is indeed Harry’s father and that he killed Dex when Dex learnt who Harry’s father really was. This means Coty and Harry aren’t father and son but half brothers. This also means Harry and his late wife were first cousins. This also means that Harry is now hot for his stepmother. This is both Shakespearian and Jerry Springer worthy at the same time.

The go-chip kills Tony. Nobody cares. Coty’s a nutter and runs away and neither Harry nor Paige care. Harry rescues his daughter and he, Deidre, Peter and Paige drive off into the sunset together. Literally. So Harry killed his father and will soon bang his stepmother, how very Greek tragedy. So they get a happy ever after but Coty does not. The Fathers fall and Coty is last seen having a temper tantrum in a burning temple.

This was very good and suitably twisted. The family dynamics were something else. This was warped, twisted but fantastically entertaining TV. Questions do remain: Why was Coty so important in the Fathers? What was the go-chip and how did it work? Why did Grace never mention Chickie? What happened to the traitor shrink?

Best Lines:
One should never drink and drown.”

“New Realist mind control.”

“I’ll kill you dead Momma!”

“The Fathers have fallen! The Fathers have fallen!”
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