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Book Reviews: Desperate Hours + Girls Made Of Snow And Glass

Star Trek Discovery: Desperate Hours by David Mack
A prequel to the TV show which I haven’t watched. On the USS Shenzhou, the horrible Burnham annoys and sneers and has moral haughtiness and unemotional consideration. There are some odd happenings on a colony and the USS Shenzhou has to work with the USS Enterprise and Captain Pike and Commander Spock. Opinion fractures over what to do.

Spock and Burnham discuss the tragic consequences of the Sarek issues and show off their inflexibility and divisiveness and self loathing. I did not care about this non-adrenalised tale or any of the new characters. I detest all these jackasses and have been firmly disabused from watching 'Star Trek Discovery'.

The details of Vulcans and their rampant xenophobia and cultural distrust makes one detest them. There is unsubtle foreshadowing and Burnham is a detestable jackass. The writer attempts to patch up differences between ‘Discovery’ and ‘TOS’ but badly and Burnham does a boobs and butt pose on the photo cover. Sigh.

Best Lines:
“This planet was supposed to have undergone an exhaustive search for any signs of precursor civilizations or sentient life prior to the establishment of a colonial presence.”

“Require all potential cultural contaminants such as you, your colonists, and all your infrastructure be removed.”

“Extinct civilizations sometimes aren’t.”

“Their empire has been extinct for millions of years.”

“What was a dentist doing on a landing party?”

Girls Made Of Snow And Glass by Melissa Bashardoust
This retelling of Snow White sees whiny princess Lynet come into conflict with her unloved stepmother Mina. There is mutual distrust and boredom. This was infantile and doesn’t ever raise one’s interest.
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