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Movie Reviews: Family Weekend + Scandal In A Small Town + 2 others

Family Weekend (2013)
An OCD over-achieving teenage girl who is a skipping champion lives in a mcmansion and is ignored by her self-obsessed parents (Kristin Chenoweth and Matthew Modine) and eccentric siblings. The mother is a cheating work obsessed horrible shrew and the father is a lazy pot smoking artist vegetarian who won’t get off the couch.

A 9 year old playacts at being Jodie Foster in ‘Taxi Driver’ and no one seems to care. So the heroine drugs and ties up her parents to save the family. That plot can be accepted but the fact that skipping championships are a real thing is a stretch. The heroine enlists her useless siblings to help. People keep showing up at the house: the cleaning lady, her slutty ex-friend neighbour, the mother’s lover and their grandmother.

There is ugly art and the slutty ex-friend posts the heroine’s activities online and the police get involved. The mother gets all the blame for not being a mother and having a career. The ex-friend is awful and the cops are dumb and shrill. This was okay even if the ending goes off the rails.

Best Lines:
“Go away.”

“Go further away.”

“Keep your flaming shrubs out of my office.”

“Two daughters that dress like strippers!”

Scandal In A Small Town (1988)
No one wants to know when a cocktail waitress (Raquel Welch) who works at the local seedy bar reports her daughter’s teacher as an anti-Semite. This was okay.

The Unforgiven (1960)

Return To Oz (1985)
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