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Book Reviews: The Man From The Diogenes Club, part 3 + Airport

The Man From The Diogenes Club by Kim Newman, part 3

Cold Snap
Good and evil form a truce to take on an imperious villain and the spirit of Cold. This was very good and a formative experience for some.

Best Lines:
“This was his fault. Most bad things were.”

“The Diogenes Club had seen Derek Leech coming for a long time,”

The Man Who Got Off The Ghost Train
Richard tells the story of how he met Vanessa. There is a ghost train and this was tiresome.

Best Lines:
“He dressed like the sort of youth the Daily Mail reckoned would smash your face in-”

“Invented within recorded history.”

There is ill-will, an island and an unexpected super-villain. The old duffer, Richard, comes out of retirement. This was good.

Best Lines:
“The Walter Sickert on the wall - saved from Patricia Cornwell by public subscription.”

“If you think I like making ominous pronouncements-”

Airport by Arthur Hailey
This was okay if dated and has no resonant emotional core.
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