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Book Reviews: Flood + Castaways + Witch Way To The Mall

Flood by Stephen Baxter

It’s 2016 and four hostages are rescued from captivity. Their new beginning is not a promising one as they emerge to a world threatened by storm surges and high tides. The water is rising and rising. When London is destroyed by a flood, people think life will go on. But still the waters rise.

Soon the four comrades Lily, Helen, Gary and Piers realise they are about to undergo something that will make their years of captivity pale by comparison. A civilization ending flood of Biblical proportions is coming. Nothing can stop it, humanity must adapt and endure. As years and decades pass, the world is drowned and a race to find a way, any way, to survive is on.

This is a bleak but extremely good novel. ‘Flood’ spans decades as the world and civilization undergo a drastic change. This is a depressing, sad read but it is also deeply engrossing and you have to keep reading. The cause of the flood is an intriguing and also rather creepy idea. The story continues in the sequel ‘Ark’.

Castaways by Brian Keene

Keene writes pulp horror tales. Some of which like ‘Dead Sea’, ‘City of the Dead’, ‘Dark Hollow’ and ‘The Conqueror Worms’ are not good at all. But this is a good pulp horror read.

A reality TV show is filming on an island. The idiot contestants want to win, the vile crew want ratings and the undetected island inhabitants want to eat everyone they see. Soon the monstrous non-human tribe that lives on the island are on the rampage and the fight to survive is on. This was good, a suitably nasty and dark read.

Witch Way to the Mall edited by Esther Friesner

Forget urban fantasy, this is suburban fantasy. This is the first entry in a series which sees various magical beings dwelling in the burbs. This book focuses on witches and what they get up to behind the net curtains.

Rival communities use magical means to compete in a bird spotting contest. This was an okay read even if all the characters came across as petty.

Nimue and the Mall Nymphs
A real witch is offended when she stumbles across three teenage airheads attempting to do black magic in a mall storeroom. She shows the dumb diet coke heads what a real witch is like. This was good.

The Darren
These teen witches call potential male mortal love interests Darrens. But at one high school dance, two Darrens will cause all hell to break loose in this hilariously funny and extremely good story.

The Incident of the Inferno Grill
A BBQ is possessed by hell. Only two men can save the grill’s unfortunate owners from social Siberia. This was extremely funny.

A witch and her cat protect their neighbourhood from evil. This was good with a very clever use of various myths.

Neighborhood Witch
A community has various rival witch factions in it as two new arrivals discover. But when a murder spree begins, whodunit and why? The answers will surprise you in this good and crafty tale.

Hex Education
Witchy soccer moms square off in this enjoyable tale.

The Importance of Communication
Teens try to summon up demons, one mom races to stop them. This is a gently fun tale.

The Price of Beauty
A woman desperately wants to be beautiful. She just won’t learn the moral lesson the three witches kept trying to teach her. This was good.

Witch’s Brew
A coffee shop worker accidentally summons up a demon during a boring work shift. Can she and her love interest save the day? This was okay.

Valley Witch
A fugitive mother and son hide out at a high school pretending to be new students and trying to blend in. They don’t do a good job. This was very funny.

If you are in the mood for some comedic fantasy. This is the book for you.
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