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Book Review: The Man From The Diogenes Club, part 2

The Man From The Diogenes Club by Kim Newman, part 2

Tomorrow Town
A utopian town of the future turns to be a failure full of homicidal menaces, deep despair, fractious types and deconstruction of 1950s ideals of the future. This was a good tale of people gone mad with good intentions.

Best Line:
“Never programs Wagner for eight straight hours and chortles over maps of the world?”

Egyptian Avenue
I’ve read this before. A family with an Egyptian obsession disvalue life. This was good though this has no escalation of unease.

Best Lines:
“All dynasties must fail.”

“The flood of people leaving the Horus Tower grew up to Exodus proportions.”

Soho Golem
Mysterious deaths and a barely-glimpsed maniac plague Soho in this okay tale.

Best Lines:
“The natural enemy of all things hippie.”

“People were still afraid of him for things he’d done, years ago.”

“Droppeth the penny?”

“We frown on killing people with the dark arts, no matter their character defects. There are often unhappy consequences.”

Serial Murder
A relentlessly strident soap opera is the setting for disgruntled types working out personal frustrations via magic. Behind the scenes is growing menace and a wonderful ferocity. Good.

Best Lines:
“A family who had practised obscene rites in the Sixteenth Century and degenerated into nastily toothy mole-folk.”

“Ambitiously malevolent.”

“Say not his name, lest he come to your house.”

“Major dark presence.”
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