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The Durrells 2x01 + Grandpa’s Great Escape Reviewed

The Durrells 2x01
Leslie shoots Roger the dog, not too badly. Gerry cries over a dead otter. The family laze about whining in this grievous disservice to the facts. The landlady threatens eviction as she is dastardly. The locals call Larry “Homer”. There are donkeys and the illusion of quality. This is vehemently awful.

Best Lines:
“We are poor!”

“Stop him speaking.”

“Bees are total bastards.”

“Albania’s just over there.”

Grandpa’s Great Escape (2018)
This BBC1 drama sees a boy encouraging his WWII veteran grandfather’s grotesque delusions. This 80s set comedy drama was okay but has no meaningful engagement. A grotesque vicar prances. Nobody challenges the vicar’s credibility or motivations until the end. The grandfather is packed off to Twilight Towers nursing home.

Is this supposed to be funny? The family and medical community have no proper care for a dementia sufferer who thinks Boy George is a woman. What is the obstacle to honesty? A teacher is disparaging of the old man who has fallen pretty low. He isn’t respected or revered. No one still cares or remembers his days in the RAF. There are repercussions. People are ungrateful. ‘The Dambusters’ theme plays at one point and there is mocking of Simon Le Bon. A spitfire is stolen, filled with Shell and flown away. There is child endangerment and this had naff VFX and bad acting.

Best Lines:
“Mrs Shelley’s mum.”

“Kindly bog off.”

“I’m too pretty for prison!”

“The sky he kept safe for us.”

“Yummy pills.”

“In charge of traffic cones.”

“Disneyland for coffin dodgers.”

“Somewhere you get put to die.”

“Diary of an Edwardian Country Land roll on deodorant.”

“Loves a bit of war.”

“Rubik cubes down. Eyes up! Looking!”
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