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Book Reviews: HouseOfCards&Philosophy+MummyKnowsBest +ImpostorsOfAventil+ManFrom The Diogenes Club 1

House Of Cards And Philosophy: Underwood’s Republic edited by Hackett
This 2016 tome contains essays on seasons 1 to 3 of the show. It is a withering critique of Underwood and his failings of behavioural standards and how he placed people in thrall to him and how he lives the worst sort of life and pushes away all those he thought loyal.

The essayists fail to ascertain Claire’s capability and intent. It is also read the future of the show wrong, failing to account for how it would become mired in its own mythology in seasons 4&5 and nobody saw Kevin Spacey’s downfall coming.

Some of these essays are okay, some unexceptional and others barely comprehensible and overcomplicated. People babble about how Underwood confuses love with possession and is raging and seething in his act of self-creation, yet oddly sympathetic as he lives outside the bounds of morality.

Best Lines:
“He keeps himself busy by digging through the capitols trash bins, faking vandalism, and bribing the police commissioner.”

“Frank and Claire take turns doing whatever they want to Meechum.”

“They wanted the same things, or more precisely they wanted exactly compatible things (including, apparently Meechum, their

Mummy Knows Best edited by Theresa Derwin
This anthology doesn’t leave you beset with fear because it is utterly unable to satisfy basic things like story structure and talented writing. All interest was rescinded halfway through the first story. This was pathetic.

The Impostors Of Aventil by Marshall Ryan Maresca
This ‘Maradaine’ novel isn’t fiercely satisfying or endlessly inventive. It’s boring as the soulful grim avenger faces people who don’t exactly ooze malignity. The local coppers are increasingly confrontational and this has no darker connotations or unintended negative consequences. This was not substantive or dramatically ascendant. This doesn’t leave you super-enthusiastic and I am done with this series.

Best Line:
“I will find whatever place he lays his head down and I will burn it to the ground.”

The Man From The Diogenes Club by Kim Newman, part 1
Reprinted at last.

The End Of The Pier Show
This tale of a time slip on a pier is hokey fatuousness that is unbearably brilliantly awful.

Moon Moon Moon
A group of moon cultists do not respond well to Apollo 11. This was arch, absurd and good.

Best Line:
“He did not want to be seen running from a horde of ducks in St James’s Park.”

You Don’t Have To Be Mad...
A loony bin brainwashes people. This was okay, gloomy and morbid. There are hints that this will cast a long and oppressive shadow.

Best Line:
“Had fought for King and country in three world wars, only two of which the history books bothered with.”
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