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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Hard Sun’ promo
Body bag demand will be up.

‘Hard Sun’ promo
Familiar faces. Fights. A tear.

‘Little Women’ 1x02 promo

‘Hard Sun’ promo

‘Little Women’ 1x03 promo
A baby.

Aldi chocolate Robin - okay.
Gluten free stuffing - nice.
Champagne - nice.
Turkey - okay.
Quality Street milk choc bloc - okay.
Gouda - nice.
Quality Street Toffee Finger - okay.
Quality Street The Purple One - okay.
Apricot chutney - okay.
Rose brut - okay.
Choc M&Ms - okay.
Pistachios - yum.

Recall ‘KYTV’ or ‘F/X: The Series’?

Who saw ‘Nowhere To Run’?

They’re bringing back ‘Mad About You’?!?

‘Jurassic World’ Quotes:
“Bigger, louder, more teeth.”

“DNA excavators.”

“It tried to break the glass.”

‘Criminal Minds’ Quote:
Power-associative psychopath.”

‘The Daily Telegraph’ Quotes:
“Not bad for a show that premiered in a North London pub theatre in 2013 and at one point played to four people.”

“Failed entrances and exits, sets that collapse even when they shouldn’t.”

“Stuff with the cork.”

“They all drink like Oliver Reed at a junket.”

“No legitimate value.”

“Surprising lack of embarrassment.”

“Display the captured colours of enemy regiments.”

“Staged optics.”

“Culture assessment.”

“Extreme voicework.”

“Reality of BBC pay.”


“Pre-eminent call of creative passion.”

“Innocent failures of prophecy.”

‘Oliver!’ Quote:
“Drink your gin.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“Rotten Christmas turkey.”

‘Irish Independent’ Quotes:
“Hypersonic velocity.”

“Never any display of hostility.”

“Social stigma.”

‘Southside People’ Quotes:
“Absconded form my House.”

“Wearing Apparel.”
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