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Retro Review: Veronica Mars Season 1 Ep 4

The Wrath of Con
The mystery o’the week is about snotty college guys emailing scamming people. But the main point of interest is Veronica remembering her best day ever. It was the Homecoming Dance when she, Duncan, Logan and Lilly had a wild all-nighter of drinking, fun and games on the beach.

This is the best part of the episode as Veronica looks demure in pink, Lilly looks like a Vegas hooker in her tacky dress and Duncan and Logan show off their bromanace. How much has changed since that night. Lilly was murdered, Duncan’s numbing himself with anti-depressants and Logan’s a bully.

In other plot The Lilly Kane memorial fountain is dedicated and Weevil cries. There is the first indication that Troy is not as nice as he seems. This was good, shame that in later seasons the writers didn’t know what to do with Duncan and turned Weevil and Logan into woobies.

Best Lines:
Our boyfriends are all class.”

“There’s rules and stuff but it’s mostly like don’t light stuff on fire.”

“Is it okay for people to be shooting Roman candles down the stairway?”
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