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Little Women (2017) 1x01&1x02 Reviewed

This BBC1 drama took the place of ‘Ordeal By Innocence’. This is an okay if needless adaptation of the classic novel. With their absent useless father (Dylan Baker) off at the unseen civil war - Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy deal with their miserable great aunt (Angela Lansbury of ‘Murder She Wrote’) and there are naff opening credits. There are mewing kittens, Amy is awful and they really play up the fact that Jo may be either same sex orientated or trans. There are no provocative moves or sisterly peaceful coexistence at first.

Their martyr mother reveals in her moral greatness and this was not an absorbing escapist adventure. There is stagy dialogue and the family of god-botherers get a new neighbour in Laurie. Jo fails at hair tonging and howls. People refer to rubber overshoes, do they mean wellies? People want to take belladonna. Amy whines about a slate.

The great aunt babbles. Beth doesn’t talk or go to school, are TPTB hinting she is autistic? Nobody brushes their hair. This was well-intentioned. Jo is mean to Amy. I hate Jo (Maya Hawke). Their mother is a morally broken try-hard. There is a comedy servant. Amy burns Jo’s book. Jo is generally excused for her horrible slack jawed stupidity and undignified ranting.

This has austere dryness and Beth is covered in freckles. Amy is much reviled by Jo and she does nothing when Amy falls into an icy pond. Jo and her bitter hostility and fierce determination annoys. The sisters don’t necessarily like each other. Their mother needs help nailing herself to her cross. You could not tell the American Civil War was raging during all this. There is snobbery and a mention of pickled limes and a sighting of one black person. Jo sells her hair.

Best Lines:
“Get up off the rug.”

“You can’t go to a party without any gloves.”

“Allowed or even possible.”

“Soldier’s comforts.”

“Like to die.”

“Shoeless little lad.”

“The retiring room.”

“Smell a papist from 10 yards.”

“How much fetching does an orange tree take?”

“May I offer you a chair?”
“I think not.”

Amy is not to use curling papers on weekdays which is one of her mad mother’s arbitrary rules. Michael Gambon prances. There is no visceral darkness. Amy and her pickled limes is in trouble. Meg is pitiable. Nobody seems to care too much about Laurie hanging around unchaperoned with girls. Jo is a prig and gives into her worst instincts. This was not aspirational. Their mother corrals them into certain behaviours. This was not solemn or dignified.

There is no broad satisfaction. Meg whines about her mother’s integrity and being dressed up. Their mother is all self-repression. Beth is a martyr and gets Scarlet Fever. Jo writes for the Spread Eagle. Leg waxes apparently existed during this era. Laurie looks like the guy from ‘The Magicians’. Amy tantrums.

Why are people always getting fevers? Their great aunt had a child that died apparently. There is more snow and the seasons make no sense in this show. The kittens are apparently cats now. The timeline makes no sense. Their useless father comes home and Jo has to earn money for beef and the roof. Meg marries and Laurie studies. This was singularly unconvincing.

Best Lines:
“Incommoded by my art.”

“3 year courtship.”

“Gone out scrubbing.”

“Poking about among poor folks.”

“Darkest affliction.”

“The end of the way things are.”

“Homes of your own.”

“Everyone will have to beat it.”

“Kissing lark.”

“Bitter reflection.”

“Cross old woman.”
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