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Person Of Interest 5x09-5x13 Reviewed

Sotto Voce
Does nobody hear Reese creepy monotoning at Finch? Shaw spreads violent disorder. Nobody notices the regular occurrences of people having their minor disputes settled by external agents? People aren’t going on Twitter about having their aggressors punished. Fusco has a persecution complex. Who is The Voice?

A whiny dude is subjected to intimidation, allegedly in this lamentable ep. Fusco has no concept of dispute resolution. Elias the rubbish gangster is meddlesome and does ‘threatening communications’. There is a relentless torrent of dumb. There are no feel good vibes as Shaw returns. This was unexceptional and there is a wall of crazy and an obvious twist. The baddie du jour just prances off but not for long.

Best Lines:
“I never properly thanked you for providing the car bomb that killed my father.”

“I’m not telling you nothing.”

“He’s not a victim.”

“You can’t be permitted to continue.”

The Day The World Went Away
Root thinks Finch is failing to acknowledge the gravity of the situation. Root makes speeches. Finch’s number comes up. There is a return to a housing projection from season 1. Finch made an error. Something bad is about to befall the gang. Things head toward a cataclysmic end. Baddies are unreasonable. Elias the rubbish gangster dies and Finch is grabbed.

Greer gloats. There is a gunfight and a car chase. The ex con stalks. There is a car stunt that nobody notices until they do. Where did the ex con learn all his skills? Finch is hauled off. Root dies. Finch is in deep trouble and things have been catastrophised. Finch did good for very little thanks. He has disbelieving fury and feels no moral obligation to follow his rules. Why is Finch allowed to rant, walk around and pick up a phone? There are ramifications. This was mmm.

Best Lines:
“The lives we could have led.”

“None of us has the life we want.”

“Fight all day, everyday.”

“You’ve had plenty of practice with John.”

“The world you built.”

“What she will become.”

“Extinction burst.”

“Finch isn’t here anymore.”

“What he might do to them.”

Root is buried in a Potter’s Field. The Machine babbles with Root’s voice. Finch plans revenge activity or something. Jimmi Simpson of ‘Westworld’ guest stars. The POTUS is the number du jour. Which POTUS? He is never named. Reese nearly joined the Secret Service. There is constant dysfunction, poor decision making, endless involvement in criminal activity and irresponsible decisions. Shaw has emotional torment.

Old numbers return. There is no fervour or excitement. Shaw and Reese somehow escape a counter assault team attack. There is unlawful interference and Finch creepy monotones. This is not joyful or heart-warming. There is no overarching analysis. This does not resonate. There is incompetence, negligence and deceit. There are serious wrongs and implicit threats and no mutual respect.

The gang meet another Team Machine made up of previous numbers. This was okay if undramatic with no poignancy. It was not thrillingly effective. Finch plans to vex the evil AI with his haughty gravitas. Finch engages in thuggery in this undemanding ep. Reese has miserabilism. There is no moral wisdom. The spin-off team head off to pastures new.

Best Lines:
“Still wants us to play dress up.”

“Those suits are just a bunch of glorified wallpaper.”

“Innocent people don’t run.”

“Shoot to kill.”

“This is my new cause.”

“That’s endlessly debatable.”

Finch gets an idea of what would have happened if the machine had never existed. The machine shows him clips of an AU that never was. This is not overly concerned with dramatic or psychological consistency. Brett Cullen guest stars. In the AU things went appallingly. Carter wouldn’t be dead, Fusco would be disgraced, Shaw would be a killer and Cole would be alive.

Finch does disquieting things. Nobody has emotional purity. Reese is claustrophobic? There is no chilling sense of prescience from watching this. The evil AI’s followers are suitably ardent. Fusco is in peril. In the AU Greer bores and Reese saved Jessica but she rejected him and he killed himself. Also Root would serve the evil AI, Nathan would be alive and Finch would never have been injured but would never have met Grace. This was mmmm.

Best Lines:
“The shadow factory.”

“Orwell was too optimistic.”

“Churn and burn.”


“I don’t want any part of a world where you’re the good guy.”

“Cling to the grand illusion of democracy.”

return 0
The virus Finch unleashed has not quite destroyed the evil AI. Finch, Fusco and Reese end up shot. Fusco and Finch seemingly walk it off but Reese doesn’t. Carrie Preston guest stars. Reese and Fusco are busted by the entire precinct, which Fusco later on shrugs off. WTF about loyalty? Amy Acker is all over this ep as the creator’s pet.

Reese and Finch broke into the NSA, now they break into the Federal Reserve. Nobody notices. Finch menaces and the ex con justifies his crapulence. Grace oddly doesn’t have questions about Finch’s return. Reese thinks Finch is terrifying. There is over-acting. Reese dies and is buried. Shaw shoots the ex-con. There is no forgiveness for him. The Machine reboots. This was not overburdened with quality. Bear is safe. Finch is presumed dead again and Shaw is serving the Machine again. Well that was that. It is over and went out with a whimper.

Best Line:
“This is next level nuts.”
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