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Shamed (2017) + Person Of Interest 5x06-5x08 Reviewed

Shamed (2017)
A young woman seeks revenge for an incident during her teens in this one off Channel 4 drama. She and her brother hold 2 men captive somewhere and put them online. Oddly the police don’t get involved. The woman and her brother stare at Nathan (Nick Blood) and the other one. This was dull, dreary and remorseless. She has a burning distain for Nathan and the other one. This is not ultra emotional and causes irritation and annoyance.

There is no sustained intensity, no potboiler glee and somehow the captive duo don’t notice the other door. The woman is seething underneath with devastating anger. The captive duo are luridly awful. She has anxiety and fear and utters expressions of resentment. This was not emotionally present. Flashbacks reveal that 10 years ago Nathan was a holiday rep in Tenerife and got the drunken then 17 year old woman to do something nasty sexually to a group of men. The other dude was one of the crowd of men. The video went viral and she was a national disgrace and pariah. She has targeted just these 2 for revenge.

Why target only these 2 for revenge? It isn’t clear. The viral video brought disgrace upon her house and when they realise what she wants revenge for, there is fractiousness. Nobody has calm, thoughtful responses. Their current woes are all down to that night in 2007 where there was booze and a cheering crowd. This is their negative backlash for that event. She was disgraced and they forgot. She has aloneness. No empathy is unlocked.

Nathan was a sleaze back then and probably now and faces the loss of his woman. She puts their info online. Somehow they get tied up. Is nobody looking for them? This story takes place over days. Nobody calls the police on the live-stream of their captivity? The involvement of the brother seems to be just to render a physical challenge less likely. She faced denigration and now she wants them to face the same or something. It isn’t really obvious what they have to do to earn their freedom and then it becomes clearish. This was not satisfyingly conclusive. Her fixed tenacity leaves one void of any sympathy and there is no optimistic resolution.

Best Lines:
“Some dumb stupid skank.”

“Shame on you.”

“She should be ashamed of herself.”

“Check out his Tinder.”

“What a slag.”

“All over the papers.”

“Line up.”

“Get them out.”

“He didn’t recognise me.”

“The family of that girl.”

“I lost my job, my friends.”

“We were ruined.”

“Get sucking suckers.”

A More Perfect Union
Shaw pants. Greer bores and tries to sow discord. Reese is mistaken for a stripper. Reese mumbles about courage, risk and duty. Fusco looks into missing persons. There is a joke about a drunken Irishman. There are unethical rich people and class resentment. This was insufficiently uplifting and it wasn’t entertaining. Finch does a bad Irish accent and sings. There was an annoying child actor and this annoyed.

Best Lines:
“Horses say nay.”

“Doomsday propaganda.”

Root goes undercover as a ballerina and she throttles someone with her ballet slippers. Root whines and there is unpredictability and competence chaos. There is a paranoid society and radio static and a radio host who has stumbled onto a conspiracy. There is death and Shaw is volatile. The evil AI is grimly destructive. Shaw killed someone. Reese gets a ski-mask from somewhere. Fusco quits and no one listens. Finch rants about moral attrition.

Best Lines:
“Is Greer too busy monologing today?”

“She is an axis.”

“An ecosystem that has long since moved on.”

“Funtenna hack.”

Lambert sneers. The ex con got 7 years at 17 and then ended up serving 12 years for stabbing another inmate. He wants his ex back. Elias the rubbish gangster blathers. DNA is collected. Finch has fury. The fractured social co-existence faces an impending catastrophe. The ex con has no strongly held views. Self interested types plot. Shaw escapes and learns she is in South Africa.

Power, influence and interests are in play. There is remarkable cunning and Fusco is not recognised as a capable being worthy of trust. Shaw shoots Lambert. There is a motive rant and the ex con continues working for the evil AI. This was good. Elias the rubbish gangster has continuing disregard. A flu outbreak caused by the evil AI is shrugged off.

Best Lines:
“Grab the fire axe.”

“Yet to render a positive outcome.”

“The next great filter.”

“Did she just say contagious?”

“The Patriot Act.”

“An elite controller.”

“You can’t stop what’s coming.”

You’re the darkest of us all. It’s always the quiet ones we need to be afraid of. I just hope I’m not around the day that pot finally boils over.”
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