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Book Review: The Mammoth Book Of Vampire Stories By Women, part 3

The Mammoth Book Of Vampire Stories By Women edited by Stephen Jones, part 3

By Lisa Tuttle. This is a comically inept tale of a non-gallant and a vampire. Or something.

A Question Of Patronage
By Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. This is a Saint-Germain short story I’ve never read before. The Count has righteous wrath over his accounting firm robbing him. He meets Henry Irving and this was good.

Best Lines:
“An apparition of a Plantagenet in disfavor with his cousins.”

“You have not worked here long enough to be entitled to lock the door.”

“Peevy cove.”

“Not even the theater excuses such things.”

“He is one of those who thinks Jesus Christ spoke in English.”
“He has that look to him,”

Hisako San
By Ingrid Pitt, who had no deft skill at writing. This dire tale has no emotional resonances or psychological leanness. It leaves one uninvested and uninvolved.

Butternut and Blood
There are desperate ministrations in a hospital during the American civil war. There is also a vampire. This leaves one unenthused.

Sleeping Cities
I’ve no idea what this mess was about. It has misconduct and consequences and made no sense.

The Haunted House
By E. Nesbit. An idiot faces relentless shameless calculation. This is not excruciatingly tense. There is no real menace or brooding torment in this tale of an uptight loser and an infuriating chancer. This is not alive with creativity or unexpectedness.

Best Line:
“There was a curse, there seems always to have been a curse-”
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