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Movie Review: Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

This is an okay if overlong tale about two bunches of people habitually killing other. There are odd references to a soul and someone uses the phrase Godspeed. Luke blathers about the force, Leia uses the force and Kylo Ren is tormented, moody, shirtless and brooding and everyone gives up on him: his mother, Luke, Rey and Snoke.

There are endless bad fights, lots of battles, copious VFX, Poe is annoying, Finn is unnecessary and Porgs are cure. Crystal critters run around and the reason for Ben Solo’s fall to the dark side is shown. Phasma is there. Rey is a Mary-Sue, Snoke is a non-event and Hux is a jackass. Laura Dern takes too long to do anything. There is a dirty mumbling guy, a vomit inducing scene with cute kids, comedy, an unnecessary trip to Canto Blight, terrible tactics and a rejected redemption .

Shovel faced types talk, BB8 runs around under a bin and Kylo Ren has barely contained violence. There is so much intense animosity for the violently unstable damaged fighty man Kylo Ren who wants merciless retribution for understandable reasons. Kylo Ren’s fall into darkness and his furious sadness and decision to wreak terrible personal vengeance seems like a fairly reasonable reaction to what pushed him over the edge. Nobody seems appropriately concerned about Snoke driving Ben Solo to darkness and Luke giving up on him. There is a redemptive act but not a rejection of a totalitarian and theocratic state. This was okay if not society-shaking. But we do get to see the First Order’s laundry and note the Resistance’s hypocrisy.

Best Lines:
“Dead heroes.”

“Fleet killer.”

“Son of darkness.”

“Most hated man in the galaxy.”

“Ben Solo will turn.”

“Page turners, they were not.”

“That is pretty much nowhere.”

“Did you create Kylo Ren?”


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