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Book Review: The Mammoth Book Of Vampire Stories By Women, part 2

The Mammoth Book Of Vampire Stories By Women edited by Stephen Jones, part 2

The Vengeful Spirit Of Lake Nepeakea
By Tanya Huff. A ‘Vicki Nelson’ story, that sees Vicki and her mancandy/blood bank investigate a lake monster. This was good with dark wit and a magnificently odious bad guy.

Best Line:
Wasn’t entirely certain the involvement of the Jesuits added credibility.”

La Diente
A maid uncovers her inner power. This is a tonal mess that is not tough and gritty. This follows no logical process and is mediocre.

Miss Massingberd and The Vampire
A sensible teacher encounters a vampire. This was short, sweet and good.

The Raven Bound
A vampire insinuates himself into a family. This deserves no acclamation.

Vampire King Of The Goth Chicks
By Nancy A Collins. A reluctant vampire sorts out a pretender. Good.

Just His Type
A writer investigated the origin of the vampire mythos and lived to regret it. This was good and increasingly creepy.

Prince Of Flowers
A woman steals from her workplace and his was dire.

Services Rendered
A woman tries to save her dying husband but devolves into paranoia and shrewdom. This was po-faced baloney told with po-faced solemnity.


One Among Millions
This was not good.

Luella Miller
An old tale of an emotional vampire or something.

Best Lines:
“Who had an evil name in the village,”

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