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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Feud’ promo

‘Carol’ promo

‘Discovering Bigfoot’ promo
Camouflage and terrain survival and Bigfoot.

‘The Legend Of Bagger Vance’ (2000) promo

‘Riverdale’ 2x10 promo
The Southside High kids end up in Riverdale High. Betty’s brother shows up and Jughead is bothered.

‘The 15:17 To Paris’ (2017) trailer
The true story told by those who play themselves.

Best Lines:
“Baby sodas.”

“Given authority over your life!”

‘Z Nation’ 4x12 promo
The Secret Service and the POTUS. Mmmm.

‘Designated Survivor’ 2x11 promo
So the FLOTUS died. Maggie Q and Kiefer get angry.

‘Den Of Thieves’ promo
“You’re not the bad guys, we are.”

‘Alpha’ promo

‘Red Sparrow’ promo

‘Maze Runner: The Death Cure’ trailer

Best Line:
“Break back in.”

‘Smallfoot’ promo

‘The Post’ promo

‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri’ promo

‘The Greatest Showman’ trailer

Alita: Battle Angel’ trailer

Gluten free salted caramel filled muffin - nice.
Hot Port - yum.
Lightly salted kettle crisps - yum.
Irish whiskey chocolate - okay.
Hazelnut praline - yum.

There is to be a ‘She-Ra’ reboot!

I want to read ‘Harvest Home’.

Who saw ‘Space Jam’ (1996) or ‘Turner and Hooch’ (1989) or ‘The Nativity Story’ (2006) or ‘Snow Day’ (2000) or ‘Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events’ (2004) or ‘The Grinch’ or ‘Frida’ (2002) or ‘Studio 54’?

Found out what sugarplums are. Ew. But WTF was 1920s motoring chocolate?

Who read ‘Memoirs Of A Geisha’?

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Public sentiment.”

“So anti-school he stops engaging as soon as he thinks he might be learning something.”

“Food archaeology.”

“1980s identity politics.”

“A big rock in the middle of the ocean where mad-bastard monks subsisted on gull’s eggs and Jesus.”

“Secret patrols.”

“Not a flattering portrait.”

“Too poor to endure their poverty well.”

“Destruction of those who are richer and happier than themselves.”

“The only land on the campus that has been untilled and unbuilt on.”

“Nutritionally dense.”

Made one yearn for the second glacial apocalypse.”


‘Hollyoaks’ Quote:
“Meet your new dad!”

‘Elementary’ Quote:
“Loosened his sense of piety.”

‘Nationwide’ Quote:
“Working livestock guardian dog.”

‘The Sweetmakers At Christmas’ Quotes:
“Social norms.”

“Cold fondant.”

“Hot fondant.”

“Coating consistency.”

“Love a bit of foiling.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“Beard nets.”


“Exalted forum.”

‘Poirot’ Quote:
“Just like you would normal people.”

‘Rick And Morty’ Quotes:
“Unfreeze my daughter’s idiot.”

“Murmur it up.”

“The machine of unspeakable doom.”

"Kinda played out dude."
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