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Retro Review: Birds of Prey (2002)

Before 'Batman Begins' and 'The Dark Knight' there was:

Birds Of Prey (2002)

Barbara Gordon/Oracle (Dina Meyer of 'Starship Troopers' and 'Wild Things 3') and Huntress/Helena Kyle are investigating a series of suicides. Helena is an obnoxious whiny idiot and her superhero outfit makes her look like a hooker. Dinah runs away to New Gotham and ends up moving in with Oracle and Huntress. Dinah can't act, but the most annoying character of all is Detective Jesse Reese (Shemar Moore of 'Criminal Minds'). The villain is Dr Quinn aka the Joker's sidekick Harley Quinn. This was dire.

Highlight: Mark Hamill's voice acting as the Joker.

Slick, an evil meta-human who can turn from solid to liquid, is hired by Dr Quinn. When Reese is the intended victim, Helena comes to his aid. This was dire.

Highlight: Dinah destroys breakfast with a batarang.

Prey For The Hunter
Joe Flannigan of 'Stargate Atlantis' pops up as the villain o'the week. Helena is really annoying. If you like Flannigan, this is watchable.

Best Lines:
"A grown man fights crime and he does it dressed as a giant flying rodent?"
"I think it's safe to assume he had some issues. He called himself the Batman."

Three Birds And A Baby
Helena brings home a baby unaware the baby is an assassin created by Dr Quinzel. This was okay.

Sins Of The Mother
Now this was good. The Black Canary returns to New Gotham and she is Dinah's long lost mother. But an evil crime boss has a score to settle with Black Canary and kills her.

Highlight: The reveal that the crime boss is Jesse's daddy.

Primal Scream
Huntress works with Jesse to infiltrate a gang. This was not good.

Darkstrike arrives in New Gotham to hunt for a killer called the Crawler. The twist is obvious as Darkstrike turns out to be a mental case and is locked up in Arkham Asylum with Harley Quinn as his shrink. This was good.

Best Lines:
"Darkstrike? Who comes up with these names?"
"He strikes after dark, it's descriptive!"

Lady Shiva
Barbara breaks out technology to be able to walk again to fight a friend turned foe in the from of Lady Shiva. How big is the clock tower that Barbara can devote a cavernous room to store her hideous Batgirl outfit in? Why do her Batgirl boots have five inch stripper heels? This was not good.

Nature Of The Beast

Black Canary killing crime boss Al Hawke is back but is now played by a new actor and has undergone a personality transformation since 'Sins of the Mother'. Hawke needs his son's help, oh irony. This was a good episode as Jesse relates how he realised what his father was.

A psycho kidnaps metahuman woman to force them to fight to the death in an underground fight club. This was dire.


There is murder afoot at Helena's high school reunion. This was good.

Feat Of Clay
This ep's villain is Clayface and his bad makeup. Harley Quinn finds out about Helena's double life. Not good.

Devil's Eyes

The last ever episode is fantastic. After discovering Helena's secret, Harley has a cunning plan to take control of New Gotham. She hypnotises Helena into betraying the team. With the clocktower in the hands of evil, the Birds Of Prey and their various allies like Reese, Alfred et al fight back in a fight scene done to the tune of 'All The Things she Said' by Tatu.

Highlight: Dinah and Barbara abseil thorough the glass clocktower face in time to the song and kick evil's ass.
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