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The Man From UNCLE 3x01&3x02 Reviewed

The Her Master’s Voice Affair
60s music twangs and people wear sunglasses at night. The theme music seems to be different and more suited to a strip club. A young Asian woman is in peril and Solo is a jerk. Illya studied quantum mechanics and dead languages and has a PhD. A girls’ school is a hotbed of trouble. Solo is spoken of as a pervert.

Solo has no warmth and charm and trades slurs with Illya. There is yelling and bad acting. This show has a weird attitude to women. Illya and the irritant young woman watch ‘The Girl From UNCLE’ on TV. The grotesque headmistress of the girls’ school is evil for unclear reasons. There is evil hypnotism and another staff member has malicious intent. There is mention of gamma radiation.

Disputatious baddies set the entire student body after Solo in chillingly effective fashion. Solo punches out a woman and a teenager fires a gun at him. There is a bad still shot of traffic. Illya throws some smoke bombs for some unclear reason. Solo ends up in the school pool. One girl comes running very enthusiastically with a baseball bat. It’s MeToo in 1966. This was goodish.

Best Lines:
“I want you to listen very carefully. I’m only gonna say this once.”

The Sort-Of-Do-It-Yourself Dreadful Affair
A female cyborg walks around, her arms held out in front of her like a zombie. She wears a leather cap and stalks Solo. This was before ‘Bionic Woman’, ‘Austin Powers’ or ‘Westworld’. There is never a moment’s respite for the duo. THRUSH is worth over a billion dollars. People grimly concur that Solo has cracked up when he babbles about the cyborg. People view Solo’s perversion with romanticism. Were killer cyborgs a reasonable possibility in 1966? The cyborg is made up of printed circuits and ceramic breakers. WTF is the final scene about? This was written by Harlan Ellison and was ugh.

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