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Retro Review: Poltergeist: The Legacy (1996-1999) Season 1

The Legacy is a secret society that fights evil. It has no real connection to the 'Poltergeist' movie trilogy. Young Derek Rayne sees his father Winston killed by a demon. Over twenty years later Derek leads the San Francisco branch of the Legacy when he has a vision that leads him and his team to Ireland in search of a relic containing an imprisoned fallen angel. So begins an adventure that will see one Legacy member die, a new member join and the first mention of Derek's daddy issues as he faces down a fallen angel with a sword. This was okay.

Sins of the Father
An angry ghost menaces an old friend of Derek's. This was not good.

Town Without Pity
Nick asks Rachel to help him look for a lost colony in the woods. They find the lost colony which is locked in time by its evil leader and he won't let them leave. Derek arrives in time to foil the leader's nefarious scheme and save Rachel from burning at the stake. This was good and the villain o'the week is really creepy.

The Tenement
Alex takes on a slumlord and has him confined in his own slum under house arrest. However the slumlord's family made an unholy pact and it is up to Alex to save his soul. This wasn't good.

The Twelfth Cave
A former Legacy member gives the team an ancient scroll as an revenge ploy. The scroll is cursed and now Derek is going insane as a result. This was good, especially the reveal that the scroll is Cain's murder confession and Derek de Lint's mad act.

Man in the Mist
A sea captain's ghost shows up. This was not good, not good at all.

Ghost in the Road

Ghosts haunt a highway. Nick puts them to rest. Meanwhile Rachel and Derek discover a hidden room in the Legacy House that contains the remains of a Legacy member who turned to the darkside. This was good.

the contents of an Egyptian tomb arrive at the San Francisco House. Rachel's daughter Kat gets a friend in the form of a Egyptian princess whose soul cannot rest. This was very good, it is mentioned that being a psychic draws evil things to you, note all the evil that has come after Derek, Kat and Alex.

The Substitute
Three victims of bullying perform a ritual that summons up a demon (Ben Cross of 'Dark Shadows') Bullies get theirs and on/off/on/off Legacy member Phillip is the only one who can save the day. This was good.

Do Not Go Gently
A woman in a coma has a vision. Not good at all.

The Crystal Scarab
Yet another old friend of Derek's shows up. His daughter Samantha (Nicole De Boer) is dying. But a scarab ring and pendent which can steal life force and give it to another is keeping her alive. The Legacy have to stop the murderous duo. This was very good.

The Bell of Girardius
A woman raises her boyfriend from the dead, it all ends badly as untalented actors run around. This was bad.

Fox Spirit
An old friend of Derek's requests help. One would hope at this point that if Derek saw an old friend coming, he'd run away. Anyway a fox spirit is loose in Chinatown. Derek lays it to rest. This was okay.

The Thirteenth Generation
A woman is drowned as a witch in Hellsgate pond. Centuries later, strange murders centre around the pond and the descendants of the chief witchfinder. Derek puts an end to that sort of thing by stabbing the villain o'the week with an antique silver crucifix. This was good.

Best Line: "Let all who pass this way beware."

The Dark Priest
Two brothers steal a medallion from the Legacy House. This was okay.

Rachel visits her old school where it seems a coven of witches are operating. Rachel puts a stop to them. This was very good.

Bones of St. Anthony
Scientists clone a demon from a piece of horn. The demon runs amok as the Legacy try to stop it. This was good.

The Inheritance
Rachel's aunt Rebecca dies so Rachel and Kat go to collect their inheritance. While staying in Rebecca's house Rachel is possessed by the ghost of her necromancer aunt. Nick has to save Kat from being killed by her possessed mother. This was very good.

The Signalman
A psychic debunker (Kevin Kilner of 'Earth: Final Conflict') sees an apparition and starts to believe. This wasn't good.

The Reckoning
Derek gets a visitation from an immortal psychic (Zelda Rubinstein of the 'Poltergeist' movie trilogy) who gives him a warning of coming danger. It is revealed that Winston Rayne killed Rachel's evil grandfather. Then evil grandfather's ghost shows up to claim Kat. Evil grandfather skewers Derek with his own sword. Derek is still able to dispatch evil grandfather back to hell. This was good with a reveal that Winston Rayne was not the good man Derek believed him to be. However the fact that Derek shrugs off a near fatal injury within seconds is a bit much.

A Traitor Among Us

Derek has to face a Tribunal chaired by other Legacy Precepts. Someone within the San Fran Legacy House has accused Derek of being in league with evil. After many, many clips from previous eps and much brooding, Derek reveals that the whole situation is his own cunning plan. Derek unmasks one precept as a vampire and kills him. Everyone apologises to Derek and the guilty verdict is brushed under the carpet. At least for now. This was good. Will seasons 2 to 4 ever be issued on DVD?
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