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Flash4x08+ Westworld1x10 +LegendsOfTomorrow3x08 +LifeAndLovesOfAShe-Devil1x02+ Inhumans1x07 Reviewed

Crisis On Earth-X, part 3
William Katt conducted Iris and Barry’s marriage until the Nazis killed him not that the heroes care. The heroes are in an EarthX death camp which has a sign about work setting you free. Tasteful. Jefferson is a bit stupid. Barry does dull surprise acting. Oliver shouts. How big is the pipeline? Who repaired it? It was wrecked in 1x01. Where are the bathrooms in the pipeline? Thawne says he hated pretending to be Wells, that’s not what he said in season 1.

Wentworth Miller and Russell Tovey of ‘Being Human’ guest star. Iris and Felicity babble. The death camp commandant is X-Lance who has an English accent. He killed X-Sara. There is no mention of X-Laurel. Nobody really notices that Oliver looks identical to the Fuehrer. This mediocre ep is taste-free. X-Lance is the toxic controller of the camp. X-Snart shows up. This show is risk adverse. Tovey puts on a bad US accent. Barry sounds bored. Tovey is a superhero.

Has Cisco got over Dante dying? Felicity makes it all about her. How can Felicity communicate with the Legends? X-Winn leads the Resistance and has no time for Alex. X-Winn tries to be badass. There is bad acting and Stein bores. Thawne is a transplant surgeon now? There is an X-Waverider. X-Felicity who is a brunette babbles. X-Lance shrieks. X-Red Tornado flies. Which Black Canary is in the history books? There have been 3. This was mediocre. Jefferson overacts and gurns and Stein is mortally wounded.

Best Lines:
“This craphole.”

“Good command of the obvious.”

“Meaner Nazi version.”

“Similar compulsions.”

“Aryan perfection.”

“You’re a god to them.”

“The world isn’t made better by protecting the weak. It’s made better by getting rid of them.”

“Stuck in Nazi world.”

“The good doppelganger of the Fuehrer.”

“Turn into The Burning Man.”

“The three psychopaths who have ravaged yours.”

“Ruminations on dystopian alternate history.”

The Bicameral Mind
The MIB learns what the maze is. There are flashbacks, Dolores blubbers and there is death. The MIB owns the park cos he bought it. Nobody has a moral case. Maeve recklessly incites an uprising. Logan yaps. Dr Ford is fired by the gurning Hale. The hosts rise up unnoticed at first. The necro-perv gets got. There is violence. Teddy bores. What became of Logan? The MIB is William. This ep was an unnecessary shambles.

Maeve learns she is still being controlled. There is another park? Hector is ditched and dismissed. Ford babbles. There are exposition dumps. Ford played a long game. Maeve has distain. Why does Felix keep on supporting Maeve? There is a reveal about Wyatt. The MIB doesn’t recognise Bernard as Arnold. Maeve chooses to stay. There is death and destruction and the Delos board get got. No to this. There is no clear eyed purpose just enmity.

Best Lines:
“All this is a lie.”

“Where his path really led.”

“Someone who’s yet to come.”

“A prison of our own sins.”

Crisis On Earth-X, part 4
Nate and Ray annoy and there is overacting and Felicity makes it all about her. Who are all these new Legends? X-Snart snarks. Snow wears a wildly inappropriate top. The Ray and his stupid US accent babbles. Curtis is boasty. Stein gets a very long death scene. Jefferson overacts. They take time out from fighting the EarthX lot to have a really long grieving scene for Stein. The EarthX Gideon is voiced by Moira Queen. Oliver makes a speech loudly and badly.

There is sap, quipping and incoherent fight scenes and bad VFX. Overgirl blows up and Oliver pauses dramatically and kills Dark Archer after a long, long pause. Supergirl falls from orbital height and is caught by Nate. Barry lets the Reverse-Flash leave. WTF? X-Snart stays on Earth1 for some reason. Iris and Barry get married by Diggle and Felicity makes the wedding all about her to get Diggle to marry Oliver and Felicity too. Yuk.

Best Lines:
“Planet Nazi.”

“This entire planet of lesser humans.”

“Losing is not an option.”

“Let them run.”

“They hate everybody.”

“Do it for the Fatherland.”

“Up, up and away.”

The Life And Loves Of A She-Devil 1x02 (1986)
The 2nd part of this BBC miniseries adaptation of Fay Weldon’s novel was terrible. It drags on with no emotional intensity or emotional force. Bob continues his steadfast allegiance to the skank Mary. Bob’s kids annoy and bring down the quality of Mary’s existence. Ruth engineered this situation by dumping them on her and Bob. Ruth plots some more. Yawn.

Best Lines:
“Roll the evil away.”

“Keep rubbing.”

“For the rich to dump their relatives.”

“Moved the other woman into the house.”

Havoc In The Hidden Land
Medusa and the royals again prove how awful and selfish and murderous they are. Auran is killed again. There is yelling. Crystal and her dumb dog makes demands. The dude who died in 1x01 isn’t dead. Black Bolt scowls and had a plan. Maximus is angry at being human and wants to be inhuman. Auran doubts Maximus. Black Bolt is a jerk and vows to kill his unloved brother. How is there an outside and sun and atmosphere in the inhuman city? The violent jackass is violent. Crystal and co were brought up to see humans as so awful. I hate these people and this show. The dead dude is revived. Maximus is sad and the inhuman city is in peril. This was terrible with incoherent fights. Maximus and Black Bolt have a confrontation.

Best Line:
“Extend grace.”
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