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Westworld 1x09 + Arrow 6x07 Reviewed

The Well-Tempered Clavier
Maeve knows Lowe is a host and can control him. Logan torments William. Dolores is la belle dame sans merci. Maeve is increasingly nefarious. Logan has braggadocio and overacts with total abandon. Lowe menaces Ford. Dolores attacked Logan after he knifed her when she wasn't threatening him in any discernable way. William is just too enthusiastic and has petty grievances.

Maeve has a certain will. There is no deterrent to host aggression. Maeve recruits Hector. There are only bad options. Teddy is still boring. The MIB antagonises people. Angela sneaks. William is ungrateful and the MIB is adversarial. Stubbs is carried off by the ghost nation. Logan has no decency, tolerance or respect, now neither does William.

The hosts are abhorrent, dangerous and a threat to society. William (Jimmi Simpson of ‘House of Cards’) whines. Ford has unreasonableness. A young Ford is seen. There is a breakdown of trust and confidence. Ford looks orange. It turns out that the storyline wasn’t told in linear fashion. There is heinous behaviour. Lowe turns out to have an unexpected secret. Ford has a bad dye job in a flashback. There are no ethical imperatives. Dolores has unnerving flashbacks. This was okay. Lowe wants Ford dead and Ford has no reticence about being awful.

Best Lines:
“Hideous fiction.”

“Homicidal bandit.”

“I hacked what’s left of her.”

“Your world was built for me.”

“Slightly pat backstory if you ask me.”

“I know your future. You have none.”

“Ending you were given.”

“Convoluted backstories.”

“No accidents. Not in here.”

“Cornerstone memory.”

“Seeking answers to questions best left unasked.”

“Tragic ones worked best.”

“What do you imagine would greet you?”

Oliver moons over Felicity. Doesn’t Lance have a job? He’s gotten over Laurel’s death. Oliver is big on his own mythology making. Oliver and his one facial expression is arrested for being a vigilante. Oliver whines and overlooks all the people he murdered in season 1. Rene and Dinah snot. Thea wakes up. Nobody cares.

Teryl Rothery plays Oliver’s defence lawyer and Michael Emerson of ‘Lost’ and ‘Person Of Interest’ plays the baddie Cayden James. Oliver has a heroic level of dedication to being an ass. Why are the gang angry about Oliver being arrested? He's guilty! Diggle tries to be tough and makes a laughable speech. Black Siren wears Goth lipstick and fetish wear and nobody notices the doppelganger of the dead DA walking around.

Doesn’t Curtis have a job? Oliver is stunned that he is beset by the consequences of his actions. The anti-vigilante law passes. Lance goes on about Oliver’s good name. The fight scenes are confusing. Diggle spazs out. Diggle doesn’t know what a thermobaric weapon is for some reason. Cayden James says Oliver cost him his son.

Felicity snots and makes it all about her. Oliver gets up on his high horse and snots. Why did Oliver never bring Tommy onto the team instead of excluding and judging him? Diggle is sick of being Oliver’s bitchboy. Where is Roy? There is a Starling City Stadium? Billy Joel plays and makes a cameo as himself. What happened to Cayden James’ son?

Dinah’s lipfillers take up space. This is a searing indictment of Oliver’s selfishness. Felicity jiggles. Oliver thinks people are interfering in his home and family life due to a malicious procession of events. Oliver decides to be the Green Arrow again - he lies to his son and is smug. Rene causes a panic. Cayden James plots and the gang beat up fake cops. This is wildly stupid.

Best Lines:
“Nano-thermite device.”

“Not this week.”

“Door-buster sales.”

“Where’s the horrifically huge bomb?”
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