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Inhumans 1x06 + The Flash 4x07 Reviewed

The Gentleman’s Name Is Gorgon
Crystal whines and is ungrateful and thankless and attacks the vet. The stupid royals want to kill Maximus. As for the unloved Maximus, he has an absolute belief in the rightness of his cause. TPTB clumsily try to make viewers hate him. The royals are entirely detrimental to their own case. They have no persuasive arguments to explain the crap they pull.

Black Bolt does not care for his suddenly estranged brother. The royals just want the lower caste aka their slaves to go back to social conformity. The annoying blonde stick annoys. Medusa lectures her socially regressive husband. Maximus’ ‘friend’ plots against him. There is a flashback to Maximus being trained by Gorgon.

Auran is told that one day she won’t be able to reanimate. How did the inhumans get to the moon? Inhumans mumble. Mortis wanders around and points out that he was locked up when Black Bolt got to be king. Inhumans laugh about their treatment of Mortis and others. There is a Thor reference. Where is SHIELD? There are logic gaps: how did Maximus pay for research on earth? How does Maximus have money? The inhumans leave. There is bad acting and death. Maximus yells. This bored.

Best Lines:
“The birds sing so pretty.”

“Maximus must die.”

Therefore I Am
Flashbacks tell DeVoe’s origin story. His wife is an engineer. This is not emotionally resonant. Barry is a non-presence on his own show. What do the DeVoes want? DeVoe is an intellectual threat but not an insidious one. Joe is soporific. He and Barry have strange and hostile reactions to the DeVoes. Barry is deadly earnest in his stupidity.

Why isn’t Wells on Earth2? Why is Iris bossing everyone around? Nobody has a frank discussion. Barry and Iris fawn over each other. There is a flashback appearance by Thawne pretending to be Wells. Where has DeVoe been all this time? Barry is atypically fervent about proving DeVoe is a baddie.

Barry is a smug twat as he steals and breaks the law. He has no moral conundrum. Why can’t Iris wear a top that fits? Is FEMA still classifying STAR Labs as a hazard? What happened to Iris’ dissertation? Thawne as Wells recognised DeVoe. There is bad acting and unserious things happen. DeVoe has ALS as a result of his super-intelligence meta power.

Cisco names DeVoe The Thinker. DeVoe’s intellect is killing him. Mrs DeVoe shows off her lip fillers. Barry burgles the DeVoe home. Why wasn’t Barry fired for his B&E? Mrs DeVoe slaps Barry. Why is DeVoe dangerous? What has he actually done wrong? DeVoe goes on about the Enlightenment. Joe is going to be a dad again? Barry doesn’t even arose amused curiosity in DeVoe. This was eventless.

The DeVoes are wildly unpredictable. Barry violates a restraining order and is smug. DeVoe lets Barry know it is game on. Barry sneers and DeVoe is unimpressed. Barry goes on about a game. Wally shows up and says he fought Starro, a starfish from outer space. Nobody cares. This bored.

Best Lines:
“Condensed matter cosmology.”

“Counterculture backlash.”

“Just assuming people are villains.”

“Seeing things exactly the way you want to see them.”

“Singh’s making that face again.”

“Seized control of his fear.”

“Those he calls friends.”

“Prevent me from ever becoming his atrocity!”

“Underwhelming revelations.”

“Limitless thought.”

“Apt sense of menace.”

“Punching gorillas with rudimentary powers. Chasing madmen shooting icicles.”
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