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The Family 1x10 Reviewed

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Danny was and is burdensome. Ben and his voided eyes annoys. Willa and her mother have no motive force to keep up the charade. This is not utterly fascinating or emotionally revealing. Ben is strange and slightly ominous. People have unaffected scorn for Danny. The characters haven’t transformed or evolved at all as the story progresses. The creeper has no guilt, regret or remorse just sullen silences.

There are moral failings. People feel resentment and dislike for each other. Nina is shrill. Jane keeps a guy prisoner. The pervert is finally a suspect. The vile reporter stalks Willa. How many secret dungeons does the pervert have? Flashbacks showed how Danny taunted and tormented his depressed and grief stricken parents. He is all loathsome self-aggrandisement. Jane shrugs off the alcoholic FBI agent imprisoned in the repurposed sex dungeon. The pervert manipulates her and wants the FBI agent dead. Jane wants the pervert Doug to burn in hell.

The pervert and Ben hang out. Ben seems to have continual unflagging adoration for Doug. Danny is just the worst. John is useless and has no purpose. John confronts the creeper. Jane goes into labour. Nina confronts the mommy over the fake Adam. Doug turns himself in. This show has no emotional fulcrum. The mommy and Nina have an unseemly row. Danny did not care Adam went missing. Willa tried to fix everything. Jane has a boy. Ben hurt Adam. This bored.

Best Lines:
“Your grief bed.”

“Who’s living in your house?”

“Sorry your kid got killed food.”

“Sad Adam crap.”

“Is your monster here?”
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