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Kings Ep 3 Review

King Silas is rained on in dramatic fashion. Pigeons flap dramatically around his city. The representatives from Gath show up to sign the peace treaty. However once in Shiloh, the Gath lot stomp around sulking like toddlers in need of the naughty step. David deals with his idiot mother. The crown prince acts out. Silas confers with the King he usurped (played by Brian Cox of 'The Take'), whom he keeps locked in a cellar. Silas figures out a way to make peace and all is well.

This was okay, but I cannot take much more of David looking doe eyed into the camera. He just can't pull the doe eyed look off, now the master of the doe eyed act is Matthew Fox.

Best Lines:
"They come as we speak, our enemies and we must treat them as friends."

"Battles lost, all for the want of a dessert spoon."

"Being King means never sleeping through the night, an old enemy said that before I had him executed."

"He has a destiny in him. People with destinies, things don't go well for them."

"They melted your statue into a brick and sunk it into the sea."
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