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Arrow 6x06 + Westworld 1x08 Reviewed

Promises Kept
Slade’s son, Joe, has negative feelings for his father. Slade overacts. Joe is not searingly candid. There are flashbacks to Slade’s somewhat inept parenting of Joe. Diggle and his gang of idiots bore. Felicity wears a sleeveless dress in November. Dinah poses. It is their moral duty to annoy.

Where is Quentin? Where is Roy? Where is Huntress? Does anyone wonder if Merlyn is alive? I’m sure love is dying between Diggle and his woman so he can hook up with Dinah. Diggle’s run out of drugs. Oliver is a babbling tool. Kirk Acevedo of ‘Fringe’ and ‘12 Monkeys’ pops up as a boring bad guy. The fraying of friendship between Oliver and Slade has been shrugged off as has Slade’s dogged pursuit of Oliver. Joe joined A.S.I.S like his father. He’s not an implied threat like his father. Shado’s annoying ghost lingered.

Dragon aka Ricardo Diaz is a non-event as he lurks and slurs and betokens issues. Oliver has a transcendent yearning to annoy.
Are the Glades still a thing? Diggle has no moral knowledge. The forced encounter between Slade and his son drags on. Nobody in A.S.I.S noticed Slade was a nut job until he cracked after Oliver’s faked rescue? Will Oliver shut his dirty whore mouth? Oliver is characteristically blasé. Diggle lies. The editing is bad. People fight, fight, fight, fight, fight.

Joe reveals he has a brother named Grant. So the dark future Grant Wilson creates in Star City in 2040 could still come to pass. Joe tantrums like Kylo Ren. Oliver is an ass. Felicity wears a tiny top in November. Slade heads off to find Joe and Grant. Oh I do not care.

Best Lines:
“Stain of a country.”


“We don’t leave witnesses.”

“He followed in my path.”

Trace Decay
Lowe and Ford mumble at each other in supposedly terrifying fashion. A new Clementine shows up. This is all meaningless spectacle and it is inevitably unsatisfactory. There is no sinister aura. Maeve makes ominous threats and is un-releasable and the 2 idiots try to defy, deny and hinder her. This is unimaginably absurd and Maeve acts impermissibly.

Westworld would only attract short-term attention surely? Maeve is tired of constraint and coercion. Nothing is incentivising me to care. There is swearing and this lacks in ingenuity and imagination to lunatic levels. Angela shows up and Teddy punches out the MIB. Maeve gets god mode powers. Things bode ill and it is no doubt that sinister developments are to follow.

Logan (Ben Barnes of ‘The Punisher’) shows up. Did Lowe kill Elsie? Ford’s intentions are notoriously difficult to read. What is his overarching aim? Oh who cares?

Best Lines:
“Some end-all villain.”

“When are we?”
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