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A View From A Hill + The Flash 4x06 + Mr Avila (2013-?) 1x01 + Inhumans 1x05 Reviewed

A Ghost Story For Christmas (2005): A View From A Hill
This BBC4 tale tells of an archaeologist who has a disturbing experience after borrowing a pair of binoculars belonging to an outcast local historian and venturing up to a notorious landmark. David Burke the original Watson to Jeremy Brett is in this. This was not totemic TV and is boring and not scary. Dudes with mood disorders yap. This was not oddly compelling and is full of bad acting. Things don’t turn menacing in this unimpressive tale. There is no incessant threat. People who have social invisibility have low status and are bothered. Nobody cares.

Best Lines:
“He doesn’t hear it and I don’t answer it.”

“Good steak and ale pie.”

“Worse than usual. I’d fire him if I was paying him anything.”

“Keep the old shack together.”

“Standing in a field. Grubbing about in the past.”

“His scribblings.”

“Certainly wasn’t liked.”

When Harry Met Harry
Barry has an apprentice; an awful sexist burk named Ralph. There is idiot comedy and Ralph is a dull annoyance. Who are the South African The Thinker and his annoying shrieking South African wife? Harry is angry Team Flash are stupid and feel they have moral superiority to him. Why is Harry here and not on Earth2? Ralph annoys, Iris is superfluous and Ralph is a gross man-child.

Where is Julian? Black Bison lurks. Harry has a conference of Wells’. From Earth12 there is a German Wells who dresses like Steve Jobs and who has a bad wig and really bad old age makeup. From Earth47 there is a Wells who looks like Hugh Hefner and who has a bad accent. From Earth22 there is a ‘Mad Max’ Wells who eats a rat on a stick.

There is no foreboding for the future. This was not of untold import. Why is Snow showing off her cleavage? Ralph should cause moral indignation but he gets away with his crap. Harry remains largely unappreciated. There is bad acting and where is Wally? There is no rugged masculinity. Ralph earns frank disgust and he has no moral framework and is not daringly blank. Cisco annoys.

The bad guy is named DeVoe. Iris wears a spaghetti strap top in November. Black Bison’s credibility and motives are attacked. A T-Rex skeleton attacks. There is sap. Barry and co plan to get DeVoe who is The Thinker yet who hasn’t actually done anything bad. The team show up en masse to DeVoe’s home. They plan a SWAT style assault on DeVoe’s house. DeVoe’s wife Marlize lurks and Clifford DeVoe is in a wheelchair. Cliffhanger! This was okay.

Best Lines:
“They shot my ass!”


“That movie is filled with lies!”

Mr Avila (2013-?) 1x01
This Mexican HBO drama has nice opening credits. It is full of sex, nudity and violence. A dude, Avila, has a wife and a mistress and sells insurance. There is a strip club and a hitman with bad eyesight and bad aim. Who are all these people? Meanwhile a boy, Ismael, is sick of his violent stepfather while his doormat mother is ungrateful. I am sure Ismael is a young Avila but I could be wrong.

Avila’s wife Maria whines, faints and drama queens. I’m sure she has secrets. Ismael who was battered by his stepfather, gruesomely kills his abuser in an outburst of adrenaline and fear. He wants a job with insidious people. Avila works as a hitman by night and his family don’t know. There is a bizarre scene in a confessional and bad people hang out at a bar. Avila has to kill a friend. Cliffhanger! This was okay.

Best Line:
“I’ll show up at your place unannounced.”

Something Inhuman This Way Comes...
Silly dialogue is uttered and people randomly turn against Maximus. Black Bolt and Medusa are useless and are incurious about Earth. Louise aka the orange bleach blonde stick is useless. Black Bolt and Medusa mumble and take shameful glee in their crapulence. Black Bolt plans to kill Maximus not fix his errors.

The royals are not morally pervasive. Black Bolt doesn’t care about the emotional distance with his brother. Crystal babbles. Is Lockjaw a dog or an Inhuman? Henry Ian Cusick lurks. The Inhumans are stupid and entitled. This show is visibly ailing. How does the Inhuman city have oxygen, light and gravity? Black Bolt maintains resolute silence. There is death.

Scary Inhuman Mortis has all his scare factor taken away by TPTB turning him into a quip machine. There is an insurmountable barrier between Black Bolt and Maximus. 2 boring people face boring culminate challenges. Maximus makes alarmist comments and rants and is too good an actor for this crap. Maximus does not take well to criticism. Where is SHIELD? There is idiot comedy, random martial arts, silly music and bad acting. People plot against Maximus. Is this bad on purpose? Seriously TPTB?

Best Lines:
“Moon people reunion.”

“I’ve been looking for you.”
“Clearly I didn’t hide well enough.”

“Load up the green.”
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