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Book Review: Fearful Symmetries, part 3

Fearful Symmetries edited by Ellen Datlow, part 3

Suffer Little Children
A governess faces jobs that go awry and this was not grim storytelling. Nobody has reasonable apprehension and this is about the kind of love that damages its recipient as well as being a story of how flimsy the veneer of civility is and how easily discarded it is.

An obnoxious man loves dominating a situation and ruining others. And then he creates a machine in his own image. Cue the end of the man’s unfettered narrative of hate. This was okay.

Bridge Of Sighs
This isn’t about anything but itself.

the worms crawl in
By Laird Barron. I’ve read this before. This is a rated M for Manly tale that is not invigoratingly transgressive.

The Attic
An excellent tale of a woman who discovers the secret of her new family and home a little too late.

Best Lines:
“Lot lizard.”

“He’s never thought of me as an outsider. But sitting there in the dark, I realised he’d been the only thing protecting me from those who did.”

“Exit bag.”

“I had a feeling that certain questions wouldn’t be well-tolerated.”

Wendigo Nights
At a remote outpost, something is loose, something that hungers. Good.

Episode Three: On The Great Plains, In The Snow
Is he a ghost? Is he a figment of a child’s imagination? A man has a quest in what may be inexistence. This was okay.

Catching Flies
A young girl faces a family legacy. This is a good tale about deep rivers of desperation.

Shay Corsham Worsted
I’ve read this before. It’s a 1980s set tale of a monster. This is excellent as past dangers are forgotten and an old man rings alarms that go unheeded until it is too late.
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