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Law & Order: SVU 19x09 + Supergirl 3x06 + The Family 1x09 Reviewed

No Good Reason
A girl goes missing after being assaulted and cyber-bullied. There is talk of ChatSlam. Saint Olivia must save the day. The victim's so called friends turn on her and she is traumatised by what has happened. Olivia obsesses over her adopted child becuase a biological relative wants to vacate the adoption. The baddie du jour whines about not being liked back. This was okay and then descents into a preachy moral message that wouldn’t be out of place in a season 1 ‘21 Jump Street’ ep.

Best Lines:
“He’s banned from Xbox for the rest of the year.”

“I just wanted her to love me back.”

“Did I raise an idiot?”

“I don’t have any friends.”

Kara and Alex visit their hometown in the wake of Alex’s break-up. It’s always all about Kara and her Mon-El obsession. She is the awfullest. There is a flashback to 10 years ago. The sisters had to share a room and a bathroom in their huge house. Kara was a bitch. Why were they in the same class? Kara’s friend Kenny is bullied. There is a Lex mention. Kenny is murdered and there is bad acting in this incredibly unsuccessful ep.

Alex had personal grievances with the spoilt brat Kara. Kenny’s murder defines Kara’s destiny or something. Kenny knew Kara was an alien. This ep doesn’t explain how the sisters were at the point they were in 1x01. Who cares about the galvanising consequences for Kara? There was no sisterly regard or affection. Kara had a poor grasp of actions and their consequences. Kara was and is an odious twat.

This ep had no grim realism. Kara has no implacable steely ferocity. There is a Chloe mention. Alex did continual harping. There is no aching vulnerability. There was dodgy moral and thematic justification for a flashback. Kara uncovers a student/teacher hook-up. This was not emotionally important or unbearably poignant.

Alex was morally condemnatory. TPTB have ideas, but they’re mostly bad ones. Alex and Kara conciliated as they hunted Kenny’s killer. An FBI agent showed up, not a real one of course. In the present Alex is fatigued with life due to her boring break-up with the boring Maggie. Kara did not appreciate the Danvers. She has no coiled purpose and in the past she had no idea of what was situationally appropriate.

The flashback has no point, as if there was any need to know that. The FBI agent (Erica Durance of ‘Smallville’) was J’onn in disguise. The killer was revealed and took a malignant tone with Alex as said killer turned rabid and did a motive rant. As a result of helping Kara, Alex lost all her friends.

Best Lines:
“I’m grounded until college.”

“This isn’t my family!”

“A serial killer. How cool would that be?”

“Not even screaming.”

“Everybody hates us.”

Betta Male
The perv and his murder groupie cover up what they’ve done. Nina whines. Ben’s callous scam goes on. There is desperate behaviour. This was not deeply satisfying. Sense is wilfully ignored. The troubled souls brood. The dastardly perv and creeper go unpunished for their acts. Willa and the reporter lie around post-coitus. Grant Show lurks. There is misconduct. This isn’t heart-rending. Nina looks up a foster home in trouble. The vile reporter is vile and Adam obsessed. The perv bothers Ben in an unsecured house. People finally notice someone is missing. The creeper realises the perv took Adam. Jane didn’t murder that guy, he’s in the secret room.

Best Lines:
“That affair trash.”

“Our nation was created by rejects.”
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