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Book Review: Fearful Symmetries, part 2

Fearful Symmetries edited by Ellen Datlow, part 2

Will The Real Psycho In This Story Please Stand Up?
A girl recounts what happened when her friend took the school pariah to the prom as an act of rectification. Something strangely fated takes place. Good.

In The Year Of Omens
All baffled anguish and desperate ineptitude.

The Four Darks
Two improbable psychic detectives come up against a thing in a story that has no emotional plausibility. This leaves you uninterested in yet another take on the peer through the superficial surfaces of reality to discern the bigger and truer reality below trope.

Best Line:
“Abandoned dreams.”

The Spindly Man
Inspired by Stephen King’s ‘The Man In The Black Suit’, this story is notably mean and bitter and makes no sense.

The Window
An uneventful slow-lane cultural vacuum.

Mount Chary Galore
A tale of backwoods hicks that has no savage impact.

Ballad Of An Echo Whisperer
By Caitlin R Kiernan. This is utter balderdash that is an unmitigated mess. A petty and pointless tale of New Orleans that lacks open-hearted sincerity.
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