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Book Reviews: Crown Of Blood + Fearful Symmetries, part 1

Crown Of Blood: The Deadly Inheritance Of Lady Jane Grey by Nicola Tallis
This is an okay biography of the 9 day queen Jane Grey. It tells of her upbringing, her disputed relationship with her mother, her great intelligence, her marriage, her short reign and her death. Yet it is slight. Jane’s husband is a non-entity and Jane’s genius level intellect and religious fanaticism gave her good motives to try for the throne. Yet Tallis sticks to the theory that Jane had no ambition and didn’t want the crown and yet one wonders if Jane was that innocent.

So much is guessed at. Jane’s parents were grasping and ambitious and seemed to feel they weren’t getting what they deserved. Their abandonment of Jane is smoothed over and explained away. Yet there are theories of their parental cruelty that have become legend. Tallis doesn’t disapprove any of that, just puts a not very convincing spin on their acts.

Elizabeth I’s resentment of the Grey family is obvious, yet not explained. Jane showed emotional courage in martyring herself which led to her posthumous rehabilitation like Anne Boleyn. This is an enjoyable book but one still feels, one does not know her at all.

Best Lines:
“No one amends her life.”

“Expectations of grandeur.”

“Departed this life, not without suspicion of poison.”

“Bad sisters.”

“She was not the Tudor the people wanted.”

“As to who was to be queen, and it was not Mary.”

“There was only one queen, and it was not Jane.”

“Refused to giver her audience.”

“Give others that which was not hers.”

Fearful Symmetries edited by Ellen Datlow, part 1

A Wish From A Bone
I’ve read this Gemma Files tale before. A camera crew discover an ancient site and become susceptible to what was once worshipped there. This was okay but it doesn’t make any sense if you think about it.

The Atlas Of Hell
I’ve read this before; it is an okay tale of hell, thuggish men, delightfully merciless goings on and adverse implications.

The Witch Moth
This is a ludicrous tale of borderline idiot, his witch mother and escalating chaos.

In the aftermath of an attack by a Godzilla like monster, a man ponders. This was good with a twist of creative amorality.

Best Line:
“They locked themselves into deep underground laboratories to try and invent something that would kill the thing."
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