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Movie Review: Badlands (1972)

Martin Sheen prances in tight jeans and looks so much like his unfortunate son Charlie it is scary. Sissy Spacek provides a voiceover narration. A 15 year old girl falls for a man 10 years older who come comes from the wrong side of the tracks. Her father shoots her poor dog. What is wrong with these people? So the mumbler kills the father. The couple live in the woods. There are negative decisions, social woes and dour pretension.

The couple seem dull-witted as they subvert the laws of respectability. This has little lasting appeal or relevance, just a pall of dullness. The couple seem irredeemably corrupt and violent. This is a pitiable am-dram. The tone is wildly discordant. There is a manhunt for the couple. This is inspired by the Starkweather case.

Best Lines:
“He went and shot my dog.”

“It was like the Russians had invaded.”

“Considered okay to shoot all witnesses.”

“Vigilance committees.”

“Drip gas.”

“I got off with probation and a lot of nasty looks.”
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