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Arrow 6x05 + Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders 1x08 Reviewed

Deathstroke Returns
No one misses Thea and her crop tops. Slade has lost his mojo. Felicity and Curtis babble with demented enthusiasm. Diggle and Dinah are smug and sneery. Felicity always feels she is morally right. This doesn’t even have modest coherence. Oliver always has strange and deathly seriousness.

Vigilante is someone we’ve never seen before and therefore don’t care about. It’s all about Dinah. One feels diminishing affection for this show. What is with the collective despair? There is no satisfying threat filled crescendo. Where has Slade’s presence and menace gone? Slade was once known as The Terminator?

This ep is not meticulously considered. Felicity babbles in a cheery tone, nobody cares. Slade and Oliver hang out with people of little conscience. There is a misery montage of male anger, bad acting and no moral contradictions. What is Liberty Watch? Diggle and Felicity trash talk Slade.

I don’t care about Dinah, her great dejection or lack of moral ethos. Tommy is mostly forgotten. The decisions made in this ep are poor ones. Dinah suddenly has her Black Canary costume on at one point. Diggle and co act like they’re morally blameless and should have social standing. Dinah lies. I detest her and her lip fillers. Slade reunites with his son, who has turned to evil. Oliver lurks, uselessly.

Best Lines:
“You’re always leaving.”

“That’s usually what a subpoena means.”

“The best of the worst.”

“The new Black Canary.”

“He’ll stay dead.”

“Don’t make this man angry.”

Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders 1x08
Erik and Lyle are betrayed again. The judge (Anthony Edwards) hates Leslie and the brothers. Leslie has huge hair. It’s a mullet on a woman! Things are chaotic. People are panic driven. There is another betrayal. Man whore Lyle wants to marry a woman who he’d eventually divorce in 2001.

Nobody is the epitome of propriety and the brothers face the terrible consequences of their actions. It is 1995 and people try to define what is right or wrong. The judge is against Leslie. The OJ verdict happens. The prosecutor sneers. The brothers are utterly loathed. The devastating consequences go on. The 2nd trial is an intimidating prospect. Things are revealed about Kitty and Jose that could explain a lot.

People focus on short term possibilities. There are no emotional lessons. The judge blathers. There is vocal fry and the brothers are found guilty. The 2nd trial was done in minutes. There is still no absolute clarity as to what happened in the Menendez house. Leslie is insistent.

It is 1996 as the penalty phase debates what the brothers are morally due. The judge is still anti-Leslie. Weighty opinions are given but the outcome is predetermined. The judge is a massive jerk. Barry’s fatal illness is hinted at. The brothers get life without parole. The judge has spite, the jury say they wouldn’t have convicted if they knew about the abuse and Lyle gets married over the phone. The brothers haven’t seen each other since 1996. This was depressing.

Best Lines:
“Fraud artist.”

“When he’s not murdering people, he’s a pretty likeable guy.”

“Just common trash.”

“I screen out the troublesome ones.”

“Don’t have a baseline for making good judgements about people.”

“This explosive, distressing book.”

“Imperfect self-defence.”

“Wear leg chains now.”

“Our home was chaos.”

“Man hands on misery to man.”

“A death verdict.”

“May I please speak?”

“Very negative towards them.”

“Path of destruction.”

“The witness mis-states.”

“Won’t be giving them anything they didn’t earn.”
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