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Scream & Misty Reviewed

This 53 page special celebrates 2 legendary 1970s UK horror comics. The cover makes Misty look younger and dumber. ‘Scream’ was for boys and ‘Misty’ was for girls. I confess I’d never heard of ‘Scream’ until this special was announced.

The Thirteenth Floor
There is ugly art as a boy who is bullied comes face to face with his block of flats AI. The AI takes custodial responsibility very seriously. This was not good and the ending is downbeat.

The Dracula File
Dracula comes to dinner. This has really ugly art. No.

A list is given of various British comic pulp heroes. They’re a bit naff!

Deathman: The Gathering
An immortal vigilante serves Death. There is also an evil genius and an alien who looks like 1980s TV static. There’s also an evil dwarf and an iron suit. There are more vigilantes and more aliens. All the pulp heroes are shoved in this story. This sets up more stories. No.

Best Lines:
“An insignificant blot on the tapestry of human history.”

“You WarCraft rejects.”

“You’re the oddball who creeps about Selbridge at night. Are you supposed to look intimidating?”

Return Of The Black Max: Blood Moon
An annoying emo kid whines. Apparently all the stories take place in the same world. No.

There is a Q&A and horoscopes.

The Return Of The Sentinels
I must be the only person not to like the legendary ‘The Sentinels’ story. Somehow the tower blocks haven’t been knocked down since the 1970s. Another girl travels to the alternate universe. This was mmmm.

Best Line:
“Skiving off the Great Unveiling are we?”

Fate Of The Fairy Hunter
A fairy bothers a girl. No.
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