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Inhumans 1x04 + Westworld 1x06&1x07 Reviewed

Make Way For...Medusa
Medusa has unwarranted hostility. The blonde orange stick faking being a scientist is caught up in other people’s drama. Maximus rants about how his friends and family abandoned him after his transformation. His ill-treatment determined the narrative. The royal family’s acts have had profound consequences. Crystal whines and attacks a guy. Maximus has a contact on Earth.

People’s disavowal of Maximus led to his creeping authoritarianism. This was desperately disappointing and not done thoroughly, precisely and with depth and elegance. Maximus learns his brother’s DNA could help him change, again. There are more flashbacks. Crystal is a whiny ungrateful bitch. The blonde orange stick can’t act and yells. Medusa is awful. People yap and utter dreadful dialogue. Black Bolt is a hunk of dumb. Are we supposed to care about the Black Bolt/Medusa reunion?

Best Lines:
“I’m still your friend.”
“For how long this time?”

“Ridiculous names.”

“Alive. Unfortunately.”

The Adversary
Do the hos dress like how TPTB think Wild West saloon girls dressed? The saloon bartender wisecracks. This was self-indulgent and lazy. Elsie is insistent. Lowe goes downstairs. Maeve has malicious intent and premeditated malice. This was pitifully ineffective. Why are there no lights in the future? Lowe discovers unregistered hosts and looming adversity. Ford is a drama queen.

Maeve becomes aware of what she is and sees a host buffalo, a host deer, a host coyote and a host horse. Lee is gross, Elsie has notions and Lowe prevails. Lee urinates publicly. Something has changed in Teddy. There is a reveal. Maeve is upgraded. Nobody tells each other anything. The phrase “prime directives” is uttered. A host dog is seen. Elise is in peril and this gives no crucial insight.

Best Lines:
“This has to go.”

“Regale me.”

“Cut you like a trout.”

“Continuity holes in active storylines all over the park.”

“Danish bitch.”

“This sort of thing troubles me.”

“Code matrix.”

Trompe L’oeil
Tessa Thompson has joined the cast. Hector is naked. William and Dolores have an adventure no-one cares about. There is plotting. Poor Clementine is experimented on and acts out. Lowe gets fired but that doesn’t really matter. There is bad VFX. Maeve wants out. This was okay. Ford plays god. There is a big reveal. What happened to Elsie? Ford is reprehensible. There are operation and maintenance issues and powerful and dangerous truths.

Best Lines:
“We’re riding a train full of explosives through scalping territory.”

“It lives in the dirt, pecking insects out of the muck.”

“Free, here, under my control.”

“Unclaimed territories.”

“Ain’t nothing ever came back from there.”
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