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Movie Review: Lethal Lolita aka Amy Fisher: My Story (1992)

This is one of the 3 TV movies about the infamous Amy Fisher. 25 years have passed since her crime and she still arouses interest. In this cheap looking cash-in, Amy has a beeper and is dragged out of her car and arrested for attempted murder. She whines in jail and faces a $2 million dollar bail. She recounts her affair with the sleazy older married Joey. Her father was no better than Joey and she has friends who seem to vanish later on.

This is not a fascinating insight into a famous case. Her mother has 90s hair. Amy was ungovernable. Does modesty govern her ambition so much that Joey was/is her soul mate? Amy blathers to a cassette recorder. Amy can’t catch herself on. 90s music blares on the soundtrack. Joey has sex with Amy in her house as sax music plays. The moral element is overlooked.

He takes her out to dinner and calls her his girlfriend. It is all judgement free. This was interminable. There is motel sex, bad acting and Amy doesn’t listen to sense. Her devotion to Joey was not repaid. Amy was manically focused on him. One can’t connect emotionally with this. Joey was a jerk. Maybe I should watch the 3rd TV movie ‘Casualties Of Love: The Long Island Lolita Story’ which stars Alyssa Milano as Amy.

Amy got herpes from Joey. She is slapped by her father, her mother is useless and it is all shrugged off. Amy’s a wild child with long dark hair, a thick accent and an unquenchable thirst for older men. This was sleazy. Amy had a 10 o’clock curfew at 16. Why was she always wrecking her car? Why didn’t her family take it off her? Instead she got a new car and Joey got her to work as an escort. Amy’s life is ruined and this was not searingly honest.

Best Lines:
“Only they know what really happened.”

“My mother who never stopped him.”


“Purple hair!”

“Enjoy intelligent conversation with mature men.”
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